Within six hours of my last post, at the start of last week, my Lenten Promise  was clearly shot. It’s hard to commit to a daily yoga practice, even just for 10-15 minutes a day, when you can’t breathe or stop blowing your nose for days, and have a fever for over 48 hours straight. Just getting through Tuesday through Thursday of last week was a challenge and that was without even leaving my house once in that time span. So no, no yoga for me last week (I even missed multiple days of teaching which has been very rare since I began last fall), because once I got my feet back on the ground, it was all I could do to keep up with getting my house back in functioning shape and food on the table and all that other maternal/spousal/adult stuff I am expected to do in this world.

Now it is Wednesday, two weeks beyond Ash Wednesday, and I haven’t done any of my own practice in eight or nine days (Math. Blergh.) – not exactly a shinning start to 40 Days of Yoga. I can feel it, too, because whereas at the time of my last post I was feeling pretty good (was totally doing my best to ignore warning signs of impending doom in my sinuses), I am back to noticing the not-so-good in both my body and my mood. Back and hips? Stiff and creaky. Mind and attitude? Wee-bit sour and cranky.

At least I have an immediate answer and fix to this. I just have to step up and really recommit because this is a big week (big month, actually) of taking on some extra classes to teach and when you top that with the hubbub of activity we have going on this March, it’s going to be April and Easter before we know it, and I do not want to get lost in the whirlwind. I know myself well enough to know that this much is true:

I cannot let my teaching schedule (or social calendar, etc.) get in the way here. Somehow I’ve also got to find a way to get past The Naps which is what I’m calling my No.1 pregnancy indicator (symptom seems like a poor word choice, but you get my drift) (and truth, it’s probably No.2 because, let’s face it, CrankyPants is my No.1) these days. I am so freaking tired all day long that I have been falling asleep on the couch even when the kids are playing – loudly – right in front of me. These bizarre cat naps do not actually result in great rest and often I wake up from them feeling super groggy and downright confused at times, but it’s like I can’t help it.

A baby in the belly means I don’t sleep well at night and apparently my body has decided that it’s going to make up for that deficit during the day, whether I intend to or not. And somedays this happens two or three times! Good practice for when Baby arrives? Maybe, except for that whole supposed-to-be-parenting-the-other-children gig I’ve got going on….

Unless I relinquish full control to PBS (and there’s no way that works for a peanut LT’s age), this current approach just isn’t going to work. Here’s hoping instead that the whole Second Trimester Energy Boost (it should totally be a proper noun) comes SOON!


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