Forgetting Finland? Forget It.

Years ago I stumbled upon an adorable little notebook designed specifically to keep track of all the cute/funny/ridiculous/oh-please-never-let-me-forget-this things that kids say as they grow.

I’ve used it all of like, maaaaaaybe 10 times. *sigh*

It’s not that I don’t absolutely love the concept of the notebook, but the moments when I think “Oo! I should write that down!” are never the moments when I am actually near the notebook, pen-in-hand, ready to record the totes adorbs-ness of my wee ones. At times, I’ve written whole posts dedicated to toddler-isms and those are fun, but again, I just don’t do it on a regular enough basis, so I know some of these funny phrases are going to fade out both from usage and my memory, and eventually Raegan will learn to say “Surprise!” instead of “Ka-Prize!”, and I won’t remember just how many times Lincoln really said “UP!” and “NO!!!” in one day (we’d be horrified if we’d actually count, especially the second one), or Harrison will no longer refer to events as happening “accidentally-maybe-on-purpose-actually” and so on.

In the spirit of keeping my Littles little, I want to do a bit more of so-called record keeping, documenting their budding personalities and passions, both in the words/phrases they use and in the totally-random-but-how-did-I-not-see-this-coming stories of raising my little future interrogators.

Today’s entrainment stemmed from a conversation between HD and myself during lunch, after he was dropped off from preschool and while RL & LT were upstairs napping. This is our mid-day routine pretty much every day, and it is pretty much awesome because I get some one-on-one time with him right after he gets home from school and we get to chat and eat together before we both go our separate ways for screen time (or, in my case, a nap) (and P.S. you know I’m kidding right? I don’t actually abandon him while he plays on the Kindle). Typically I don’t get a whole lot of info out of him as he mows down his food, but this afternoon sparked a series of questions that I now fear is never going to end.

Because we know some friends planning a trip to Disney World, HD spent the first part of our lunch asking me about what Disney World actually is. And once he put two and two together to realize that it is basically a big playground populated by some of the characters most beloved by children in the history of children, it wasn’t more than 15 seconds before he asked, “Is there an Angry Birds Land???” because, let’s face it – that’s where his heart is/was/and will perhaps forever be.

Being the tech-savvy mama that I am, I instantly took to Google-fu to find out that yes, yes there IS an Angry Birds Land, which I showed him via pictures on Google Images and a random video of a teenager reviewing some new rides on youtube (one of those parenting moments that could have been horrible because I did not view it prior to showing to my 5yo, but which fortunately turned out to be harmless except for that fact that it made my 5yo want to go to there even more so than before and sooner, too.). But for the life of me, I could not freaking figure out where on earth this said Land actually resides. The double dots (ha! I’m sure there is a proper term for those, but are you kidding me? this baby in my belly is taking brain cells by the second. I’m lucky I have any words in my own language left!) were a pretty good indicator, though, that we were screwed because there was no way that meant the Lower 48, you know?

After some more investigating, I finally figured out that the location is in fact Finland. I think. Again, see the above note about brain cells. But pretty sure it’s something Scandinavian, which man, I would love to visit that part of the world, but are you kidding me?! Why does Angry Birds Land have to be in Scandinavia?!

In an attempt to explain to HD just how far away Finland is from Nebraska, I pulled up a world map next to show him that we would have to go over an ocean to get there and that would be hard because it would take a really long time and cost a LOT of money, which of course led to the questions of how long? and how much? which in turn lead to me pulling up Priceline and finding the answers: over a day of travel and a mere $1200 for one adult to get to Helsinki (which, for the record, I have no proof is actually even geographically close to ABL or not).

Of course none of my lesson in Internet research made a lick of difference in terms of actually getting said 5yo to accept that we probably aren’t going to ABL any time soon/ever. In fact, the whole quest seemed to latch in his brain even more after seeing the images and I heard about very little else the rest of the day. I was thrilled – elated, I tell you! – for Ben to get home after school so I could go to my dentist appoint to have my teeth cleaned (not even kidding) and laughed myself out the door as I listened to HD tell B, “It’s Fin-LIND not Fin-LAND, Daddy.” Oh, the things a young boy can learn in an afternoon.

He wants to go next week, by the way, for my birthday, or for a Special Mama and Harrison Date, or maaaaaaaybe, he’ll be okay with going on the 30th of the month. But really, that’s probably too long to wait if you really ask him.

I would say, let’s just hope The Next Big Thing comes along soon, but seeing how long he’s been on the Angry Birds kick itself, I do not have high hopes of forgetting Finland any time soon.

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