To The Left (to the left)?!

OK, all you Lefties and Parents-of-Lefties…I need some advice. Since he was old enough for me to pop him up on my hip and haul him around as such, Lincoln has preferred to be on my right side. Always. If I tried to switch him to the left side to balance myself out, or heaven forbid, use my dominant hand to complete a task, he would completely freak out, acting like a little monkey suddenly in fear of being dropped by his mama, crying, yelling, and scrambling back to the right side of me as best he could.

In fact, he still does the exact same thing now, at age 20+ months. I give to you the progression of a typical Oh-NO-You-Didn’t! Scramble (which includes, to my horror, but you know, for reality’s sake – my own double chin):

This could almost be misconstrued for a smile
which is so not the truth!
On his way!
The D.C. and Linky’s true feelings about me trying
to hold him in my left arm. 
So. To all of you with knowledge of Lefthandedness, I ask…is this common? Because Mr. Lincoln is indeed a Lefty, and someone brilliantly suggested to me recently that perhaps he does this because he wants to hold on with his dominant hand/arm (sorry I can’t remember who said that and therefore can’t give you a proper shout out for said brilliance), so could that be it? He likes right because he uses his left?? 
Pre-yoga, I don’t think I would have ever paid attention to this sort of thing, so I have no frame of reference for HD or RL in terms of sidedness. It seems to me that my babies have all preferred the right side to some extent but I figured that was because I tend to that side because it is my stronger one. But hence the need now, post-yoga (wait – not post. what prefix am I looking for there? my brain cells escape me daily thanks to Bambino No.4) to get some darn balance, but no way, no sir, no how – Lincoln’s not buying it. 
The glamour shots from above were taken tonight as I tried to make scrambled eggs for dinner and oh. my. You try making eggs using your non-dominant hand! Even of the scrambled variety, it was all just too much so I decided to finally document our little phenomenon and bring it to the people to ask…what is this?! I promise that I’ve never dropped a baby off my left hip, so why the great aversion to being there? Inquiring minds want to know! 
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