Overdue for New?

Over 18 months ago, I looked into switching my blog from Blogger to WordPress. There were a lot of reasons, then and now, for doing this, which I won’t totally go into here, but part of it felt like graduating in the world of blogging and I was ready to do just that. Except then I didn’t.

I quickly became overwhelmed by the idea of trying to transfer over all of my old posts because I certainly didn’t want to lose track of those stories, plus I wanted the archives to be available for any new friends and readers as it is sometimes nice for them (and me, too!) to go back to see where we’ve been, what we’ve done, and just how far we’ve come as a family in the almost four years since I started blogging. Except at the time I first considered this, it was, what, just two years of blogging?! Crazy how life with Littles can just fly by like that.

So why now? Well, I still want to graduate. I want to take the look and the feel of my blog up to the next level and while I know that finding my ultimate landing spot will take time (not to mention trial, errors, and help), I am ready to start learning a new format.

It totally helps that a friend, who promised she is not going to overwhelm me with techy details in the process, offered to help me make the transition. So why not now? Why not take this leap before Baby No.4 arrives and while I am in a current break from yoga trainings (that is my primary guess as for why this did not happen in the last calendar year)? While I fully expect some bumps, changes in theme, and WTHs along the way, I look forward to continued sharing and connection with others that blogging brings for me and the joy of learning something new. And what better time than a new season to make a little (OK, big) change?!

Now. Just how long will it be between this first WordPress post and importing all my old Blogger ones?! *gulp!*


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