Make a Change

Time for a little celebration! After taking over a year-and-a-half to actually get going with the new platform for my blog, it took me less than a week to get my Blogger files transferred (note: as far as I know, old hyperlinks will still exist and will take you back to that site when you go back in the archives and click on links in posts, but everything is actually here, as far as I can tell). And what a week it has been!

With random sick bugs for various Littles and a whole collection of them for me, it has been a week of not much beyond couch time and nose blowing. A forced slow down and step back to rest and recover (and at least two boxes of tissues, for me alone). So to have some good news like making some progress with the blog feels like an extra special bonus for this congestion and fever-filled last few days.

As for the blog, it has both a new platform and new look. While I reserve the right to keep experimenting with and changing this, I am excited to be able to customize the presentation of my posts, including making up logos and banners and all that. Logo

Now I just need to find the text-wrap option for my images and I’ll really be in business! Or wait – maybe I just did?! You guys. Learning is a process and sometimes you just flat-out fall into discoveries like text-wrapping. And apparently this post has gone full-blown stream of conscious for you lucky folks!

The other new cool trick you might notice is the domain name for the blog. No longer is it directly tied to a blog site! That’s right – I am finally using the domain name that I also registered (and – *ahem* – bought) a year-and-a-half ago (second side note: this gives me hope that the yogurt maker I bought two, three years ago will someday see life outside the box, too)! Another learning moment? Apparently you have to include the www’s in domain names for them to appear which I did not, so they do not. OK. We’ll just go with that as new thing that all the cool kids do.

Because no good celebration in my world is complete without music, I found myself humming a little tune this morning, and when I realized just what tune it was, I laughed out loud (also a nice change after the last few days). Confession time: my celebratory anthem this morning was “Hold On” by Wilson Phillips. Please, tell me you’ll do yourself a favor, and take four minutes to watch this video. The sheer number of throwbacks involved make it worthwhile. 

Now. Some explanation. This song is one from my childhood. I remember the album being cranked up on our stereo on Saturdays as my brother and I helped my mom with weekly cleaning around the house, so like certain Michael Bolton and songs by The Eagles, WP music can still pop into my head at random and with very little provocation. But another confession? The reason this particular song came to mind today has nothing to do with the highly dramatic message you might assume if you know (or just listened/watched) it.

I am not breaking chains with my updates here. It’s a blog. I get that. But I am one of those people who is forever singing (loudly) the wrong lyrics to songs I think I actually know, and I totally thought that, like the title of this post, the chorus was “….make a change…” and then some na-na’s and whatnots, and didn’t even remember the song’s title/main message of “Hold On” until Google came to my rescue five minutes ago.

Please, laugh at this all you like. I’m pulling the pregnancy + congestion card on this one!

When you’re done shaking your head at me, please be sure to check out the new site a bit. You will find not only a Facebook “Like” box, but also a place to Follow the blog (enter your email, confirm in your inbox, and then you will get notices of new posts instead of having to rely on Facebook to see them), which is super.

There are some exciting developments in the works here and I can’t wait to share them with all of you in the weeks to come!


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