Three Firsts!

This first Saturday of June brought about many other firsts as well (and the monthly testing of the weather sirens, which I always forget about, and always go off right after the kids go down for nap).

The first first was a BIG one. We went down what I have been referring to for a couple years now (when I beg off or explain why we aren’t doing it yet) The Rabbit Hole of Organized Sports. Harrison partook in his very first sport camp of any kind – Happy Feet Soccer! IMG_9994Really, this spring was the first time HD even asked to participate in any sport stuff (when the flyer came home from preK at the Y for spring soccer). And even though I felt bad doing so, his dad and I said no because practices would go too late into the night and mess with our early (albeit very, to most people) bedtime, and dragging everyone else to games on Saturdays in chilly April/May sounded like, meh. Disappointed as he was at the time, it passed and fell out of conversation until the flyer for this four-week Happy Feet summer session came home, at which point we caved. OK, Buddy. June will be your month to try soccer.

And so it was and shall be every Saturday this month: watching the kiddos practice and learn skills for 25-30 minutes and then play a “game” for another 25-30.

Harrison did so well (meaning, he mostly listened and seemed to be enjoying himself). When it came time for the game, he even scored the first goal which was very happy making for his happy feet on the field! Seeing though, that he is at the top end of the age range for the camp, we may have to have some conversations about sharing the ball and not taking it from people on your same team, but you know – first day and all was a great success. Until the collision.

There wasn’t much time left to play when there was a sudden change in direction of the ball and therefore the kids, resulting in Harrison turning quickly and ricochetting even faster off the forehead of a girl on the opposite team, leaving both of them in tears. He was super upset by the whole thing and even though I ran out there to give hugs and wipe tears and help him talk to the other player (Sweet Boy apologized for the accident and asked if she was OK), he didn’t want to return for the last two minutes of run around time. Didn’t know soccer needed a helmet and hoping the whole boom doesn’t make him less enthusiastic next week, but again –  super proud of my big guy for trying something new (and his sis and little brother for hanging like troopers and playing on the sidelines for an hour this morning).

The second first was capturing this image this afternoon – a picture of Ben with his college roommate who brought his three kids out to see us this afternoon for a little visit/playdate. IMG_0013Since the two families started having babies six years ago, we only see each other about once a year, and in all the hubbub of past visits, we’ve never managed to get a good picture (any picture?) of the growing families. And this is a good one because it marks the amazingness of alignment that is our family and theirs: all three kids match gender-for-gender and age-for-age (except ours our 5-6 months behind each of theirs). Isn’t that crazy? Too bad they didn’t opt to go for No.4, otherwise we’d know exactly what we’re having – boy or girl – at the end of summer! 😉

The last first of the day came shortly before dinner when we were all chilling out post-soccer-and-playdate bonanza and pre-supper when Linky told us he needed to use the potty. This has happened maybe three or four times in the last month and while we’ve let him try sitting on the potty each time he points to his diaper and “asks,” nothing happens. Except then today, he totally surprised us and peed in the potty! Ben and I clapped and cheered and I ran to get the camera to document the special moment. Of course, before I could get back with it, LT stood up and stuck his hand in the yet-to-be-cleaned training potty, so we had to wash hands before officially documenting, but here it is: IMG_0018No.3 celebrating his No.1 No.1 (I have absolutely zero stock invested in this turning into actual potty training any time soon but hey, no need to discourage him from trying!)!

That’s a lot for one Saturday, so now I think the rest of the night calls for re-watching the end of Season Two of OITNB in preparation for the Season Three’s quickly approaching arrival. And cookies. Definitely, for some reason, cookies.


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