Carry Over

Today I’m excited to share that I have another post up at Her View From Home and will now have a regular monthly spot over there from which to share my writing with all of you and the lovely HVFH readers. How cool is that?!

When I first started blogging a little under four years ago, I was about as pregnant with Raegan as I am now with No.4. I honestly didn’t know if I’d have enough to say to keep it going, but writing and sharing that writing has been such a huge blessing to me in those last four years, that now I can’t imagine going without it. I’ve learned that isolation is truly only in my head and that miles and years between us mean nothing when we can connect via the beauty of online mediums. Now, I recognize that there is a ton of c.r.a.p. on the Internet and I spend far too much of some days on Facebook or Pinterest, but I honestly can’t imagine doing this parenting gig (and certainly not the SAHM-version) without virtual connection and interaction.

While today’s HVFH post might seem almost comical in lieu of my last post here about losing my cool, I want to point out that the sequencing of posts/events is really just another part of being human. Of accepting imperfection. Of recognizing the process and the progress being made and not beating oneself up for moments that go not quite accordingly to plan. That’s a life-long journey for a Type A-er such as myself, but I give thanks each day to be on that journey, learning what I am.

That being said, I have begun once again on a quest to reach as many days of #yogaeverydamnday IMG_0144as I can (previous record during this pregnancy sits somewhere around 16ish, I think, but really I’d love to hit 30 or even 40). I don’t know how feasible this quest is as I continue to grow into my third trimester, and obviously I am not going to go all ego crazy here and push too far (before I literally have to use all of my energy to push!), but the intention is there; hopefully the result is a body ready and prepared to bring Baby into this world as smoothly as possible and both a head and a heart ready to receive this new little person into our world with as much love and grace as we can possibly offer.

As always, I’ll keep sharing the stories as they unfold. Much love to you for reading and following along with us!


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