Asked and Answered

Last week, my first regular-spot article went up on Her View From Home (insert moment of jumping and down for excitement over the opportunity to be a regular contributor!), talking about the general public’s lack of filter when it comes to a pregnant mama’s belly. While I haven’t checked stats on views or anything of the like for it (you can read the post here, if you missed it), it feels like perhaps the universe got the message a bit, at least in my own growing corner of the world.

Instead of numerous (and ridiculous) are-you-serious? comments, this week has been more filled with love and kindness for my bump, and for that my hormonal heart is grateful, especially when you tack on the return of some horrendous third-trimester insomnia. Seriously, last night I was so wired for so long (hours past when I was ready/tried to go to bed) that I had a premonition that perhaps this kiddo is telling me s/he is coming in the middle of the night, will love the middle of the night, and I’d just better get darn-well-used to being up in the middle of the damn night!

Can I just take a moment to publicly acknowledge and thank every person I saw today for the fact that they did not comment on my belly or my dark circles? Because if there is one thing a woman doesn’t want to hear more than comments on her waistline, it’s those about how rested (or not) she appears.

Believe it or not, getting through all this sleeplessness is part of our family planning. Knowing we wanted this many kids and did not want to be tired for multiple decades of our life by spacing out their birthdays means we (I) are (am) getting out all the tired now. At least, that’s what I hope we are accomplishing with this two-ish-year gap between each babe. If I can just go ahead and do my Tired now, then perhaps there is hope that between some kick-ass concealer (seriously – tell me your favorite brands) and yoga (many people believe it slows down aging), I can one day again appear young for my age.

Yep. I went there.
Yep. I went there.

Today I’m just glad I didn’t fall asleep while standing. And I sort of managed to write some semi-coherent sentences here (even though I just tried to spell both sentences and tried with a “y” instead an “e” or “i” – OY!).

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