This weekend I heard the most fascinating theory on babies-to-be who are coming into a family with older siblings: the older siblings are always right on gender predictions – even when it seems totally impossible (based on family gender tendencies) and regardless of the feelings/guesses of the parents-to-be. Can anyone back this up? Refute it? I’m just curious to hear if this is really a thing or just a fluke in the family of the mama I was talking to about it.

If the theory holds, it means we will be having a girl (full post on all that found here), which would be something. My health-care providers seem to be inadvertently against this notion, though, as all of them – from my mental health to my spine’s health – keep accidentally using the pronoun “he” when referring to Baby/Baby’s arrival (which would also be, well, something!).

For the record, I still have no idea. I just know I am, as of the last few weeks, growing more and more uncomfortable.

Maybe it is a fourth-baby thing, but whatever is going on with this kiddo is happening low. Low in my belly and therefore low in my back, and I am struggling a bit. I’ve written about my back and having to, *ahem*, back off of a certain level of activity, but let’s be honest here – it is not my back. It is my pelvis and my sacrum and, quite frankly, a literal pain in the butt when I transition from sitting to standing, that is not only hurting but impeding on my movements. The whole situation has left me feeling rather bloat-y and frumpish (how can that be a word?), not to mention frustrated, and suddenly I find myself with 5.5 weeks to go thinking there’s no way. It’s not really going to be that long is it?

Again, according to my children, the answer is “No.” Harrison told B’s mom over the weekend that I’m going to have Babe in August, which could mean a whopping 5 days before my due date or several weeks before (several of which would be a bit scary-early). The way I feel right now, assuming it is past the 37 week mark, I would be totally OK with this prediction of birth month. Getting this kiddo here safe and sound and then getting on the road to rest and recovery will all be welcomed with open arms and a very relieved bottom third of my spine.

Oddly enough, in the last week, I had other family members, from both B’s and my own, also go with the August vote, and to be more specific – August 22. We each have a relative (in the immediate families of our parents) with that birthday, although one is male and the other female, so that doesn’t really help us with gender guesses.  The date would be perfect, however, because RL & LT are birth “date” buddies on the 4th of different months, so the 22nd of another month would be an excellent pairing for HD (and another vote for a baby sister, I might add). Not only would Math Man would be pleased because 2+2 = 4 (and it would all be so easy to remember!), but my thematic soul would also be especially tickled by all of this alignment and balance.

Of course I know we have no say. And because we also all know how much babies/kids-in-general like to listen to our plans and timelines, I’ve probably now just guaranteed that I’m going into the second week of September with this baby in the belly (heaven help my “back” if that is the case), but hey – these are some pretty cool notions here, so I thought I would share and see what experience and wives tales make you all believe. 😉

P.S. A friend requested side-by-side comparisons of the four bellies, so I put together this image and I still don’t know. Looks like both an HD and an RL belly to me! How helpful. Although in going back through the old Bump Watch albums on Facebook, I saw that at 35 weeks, I was commenting complaining about the baby feeling super low with Raegan. Interesting (and scary b/c RL was 5 days late)!

P.P.S. Oops. MomBrain made me lie. This is me at 35 weeks w/ three of my children, and 34 weeks with the current peanut. I must be getting anxious to meet him/her or I’m very tired and confused. Perhaps all of the above. Anyway, still a fun image, if not entirely accurate:


Any other guesses or predictions? Gender and/or ETA?



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