He’s Got Personality!

Seeing as I am winning at not swearing in front of my kids (proof positive of a higher power, if you ask me), I realized today that I still need to be a wee bit mindful of what I am saying in front of them. Now, I’m a wordy girl, living in a wordy world, and I do put a good deal of thought into my word choice both written and verbal, but children will find any way they possibly can to humble and mimic you, which is what I experienced and witnessed at the breakfast table this morning with Raegan and Lincoln.

Honestly, I have no idea what exactly Lincoln was up to at the moment, but all of the sudden, Raegge was smiling and laughing and saying to him, “Linky! Where did you come from? Where did we get you? Did we get you from the store? You funny guy!” and so on and on and on.

Now, I have never asked Lincoln if he came from a store, but whoops – the rest of it is pretty much verbatim from my mouth on any given day in the last couple months because my goodness, this kid is a character, and no, I really don’t know where it comes from.

At two years and (almost) two months old, Lincoln is a little guy (no really – 25th percentile for height and a whopping 6th for height) with a BIG personality. He understands and uses humor. His facial expressions and body language are super expressive. And he plays and dances and sings and babbles unlike any other kiddo I’ve seen (and my older two aren’t exactly bumps on a log, as you may know). So yes, I find myself often telling him how funny he is and then following up with a “Where did you come from?” because I’m not sure how so much spark got put into my one little firecracker dude.

But for the sake of not confusing or traumatizing the poor child (or giving his siblings any future ammunition), perhaps I should find a different way to express the marvel that is my current littlest Little (who clearly doesn’t think he is so little)!  IMG_0725

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