You guys. I have muscles in my face (namely those near/below my left eye) that are currently twitching and they have been twitching all. day. long. You know what causes that? Sleep deprivation, of course, and a great big pile of hubris.

You see, last night I started writing a post about how, basically, I am sort-of, mostly, pretty much winning at this Mom of Four thing. I mean, not 100% Perfect, or anything, but rocking it all the same, even when I have to get Harrison to AND from school meeting places which I totally did Monday and Tuesday of this week!

Tangent: and that is even with total shenanigans Monday morning in which one of my beloved children managed to lock everyone out of the house except the baby (who I had obviously planned to go back in and get after loading everyone else in the van). Thankfully I did not have to MacGuiver or break anything to get back into the house, but my heart was in my throat, freaking out when I discovered what happened. Hopefully said beloved child learned a lesson because wow, I don’t want to go through that again!

Anyway, my post last night didn’t get finished because the hubs and I ended up having a Hulu date that took up the wee bit of time before bedtime nursing/preparation for Truman, but that’s probably for the best because this morning slammed into us like, well, like a Tuesday, actually.

After record-breaking sleep Monday night (not even going to tell you how long in hopes of not jinxing it/never having it happen again), Truman was up at normal 3:45ish time this morning and decided it was going to be an hour long feeding/changing session (not my fave when middle-of-the-nights last over an hour). I tried to go back to sleep after that, of course, but didn’t, and was totally lingering in bed this morning (still not sleeping) when I heard footsteps rushing for the bathroom and HD’s commentary that his sister had totally just gotten sick, smack dab in the middle of breakfast (mad props to the hubs for starting breakfast with the Bigs each morning so my tired brain/butt don’t have to and for handling the first round of icks today).

So. No preschool for Raegan this morning, of course, and a huge Thanks! to the friends who once again picked up HD this morning so I didn’t have to load a potential puker in the van; instead I got to stay in my same clothes from yesterday and deal with the meltdown that was this little girl who very much wanted to go to school….so much so that she still put on her clothes (including her swimsuit over her jeans because today should have been a swimming lesson day for her) and was wearing her backpack around (while crying) for a solid 30 minutes.

The four of us who were house-bound today + RL's suit-over-jeans look.
The four of us who were house-bound today + RL’s suit-over-jeans look.

Eventually she calmed down and eventually the suit was removed from her outfit, but it is a good thing she stayed home because breakfast was not her only moment of yuck for the day. Poor thing couldn’t eat a thing without getting sick, and by 3:15 she was so tired, she fell asleep on me in the rocking chair where I usually nurse the baby (who was sleeping in his carseat post-HD-pickup), and snoozed there for 45 minutes. I love getting some extra snuggles, but not at the expense of having a sick kiddo.

OK, so maybe I’m still rocking it a bit with my mom skills considering I got through today in one piece (and even snuck in a shower, thank goodness), but seriously – the eye-twitching-tireds of the last 18 hours added to the oh-craps of hoping no one else gets sick has me worn the hell out and feeling like a pile of mama mush right now.

How many weeks remain until summer vacation?

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