Chop, Chop!

So last night I went to HD’s soccer practice and came home looking like this:IMG_1231

This morning, Ben’s first day off from school since the start of the year (I don’t think his paternity leave counted considering how much out-of-school work he had to do), I had my long-awaited massage and then hair appointment and came home looking like this:  IMG_1253 IMG_1255

That’s right! A preemptive chop before the massive hormone-induced shed begins. I haven’t had hair this short in years and yes, I know, it’s not that short; it couldn’t be because this mama still wants to be able to get most/all of it in a pony tail for the normal run-around with kids/yoga, and I love it!

Sadly, because I cut a few inches off this summer, I did not have enough to cut/donate like I have in the past, but I’ll do that again someday, I’m sure. For now, I’m going to enjoy the new do and color, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that my normal curls can do something with the cut because there is no way I’ll be styling it as nicely as my hairdresser on a daily basis ever.

Also sad is that after my morning of pampering, I came home to find Ben struggling with the same bug that got Lincoln over the weekend and me Monday night. So now, instead of enjoying his long weekend (and me taking advantage of extra hands to get some extra rest), I will be taking care of the kids mostly on my own so he can recover.

Remind me – when will McDonald’s start home delivery of coffee?? Or better yet, a direct line to my house? That’d be super.


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