The Cheats

Ok, so this is a bit of a cheat post. Sorry about that.

It is also self-congratulatory. Sorry about that, too (but since when isn’t blogging just talking about myself and my kids and thereby done in self-interest and thereby self-congratulatory???).

But get this – I made a writing goal for the week and then I did it! Except I didn’t say the goal out loud in case I fell flat/short, which is where part of the cheat comes in. Does it really count as a “Yay, me! Moment” (see? the self-congratulating begins) if I didn’t reveal it would be a moment until it already was?

Does an item added to a list after it has been completed, just so it can be crossed off, still count as a victory?

I’m going to say yes and yes. Because it’s Friday. Because it’s my blog. Because I’m obviously feeling a little sassy after a full week.

And there you have it – the aforementioned goal – FULLNESS.

I wrote a lot on the blog this week and I even managed to pull off an update post for each of the Bigs, three days in a row, which is nothing short of miraculous with everything we have going on these days. But the writing feels good and so making time for it feels good, too.

So here’s the second cheat of the post: a whole bunch of links. Links to each of the Big posts. A link to my click-bait hair post. And a bonus link for my current post over at Her View From Home. Y’all, I cannot tell you how much it means to me when you click on those HVFH ones and respond to me about them or share them. It makes my heart shine. And depending on just how many clicks the link gets, I earn a wee bit of money which means coffee which means really shining! If one of them ever gets really big, I promise I’ll take you on a coffee date to say thanks.

For now, I really do want to say Thank You for reading here (I love the responses to my regular posts, too!) and reading there. The writing keeps me sane and your responses keep me connected and all together it keeps me feeling so grateful for the opportunity to share my stories.

The Links:

Harrison is READING!

Raegan is HEALTHY!

Lincoln is LOUD!

My hair is LOVING the cut and this week’s humidity! Yesterday might have been my best hair day ever in the history of ever. It had to be documented. IMG_1275

And authentic is still my favorite way to go. ❤


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