Be Royal

Last week I wrote. A LOT.

This week has been the complete opposite. OK, I started working on a post for next month’s Her View article, but that’s still a couple weeks out, so it doesn’t so much count.

So why the lack of posts?

Well this:

Photo on 10-9-15 at 6.36 PM
Taken during the series against Houston…B is currently wearing a different lucky shirt. We may be entirely too superstitious to be baseball fans, or perhaps that is what makes us good ones!

My hubby’s favorite team is in the World Series for the second year in a row and after an entire season of him watching games on (we cut cable over a year ago and the online season pass is waaaaay cheaper than going to a game/cable, so there ya go) while I read, read, read on my book quest, I’m finally watching a series with him. Seemed like a good time, no?

Well, maybe not the best choice, because if you’re not a sports/baseball person, you might not know this, but Game 1 on Tuesday night went 14 blessed innings and past midnight which is LATE for this 30-something on a good night, much less during midweek when in Newborn Mode. But how do you pass up a tie-game (trigged by NE boy, Alex Gordon!) in the WS?! Especially when you know you’ll hear your husband’s whoops and cheers from the basement even if you try to go to bed before the game ends??

So up we stayed and then powered through yesterday (hello, coffee! although a W probably helped the tired feel better, too), which brought us our second baseball date night last night; thankfully it only lasted until 10ish and caused little disruption to a normal night beyond a long (but productive!) bottom of the 8th which pushed TJ’s bath a bit, but again – we’ll take it because it meant another win, and I am loving seeing B as excited as a kid about all this.

Getting into baseball isn’t much of a stretch for me, either. In both high school and college some of my best guys (best friends? best guy-friends? how do you word that?) played baseball, and so I’ve spent a fair amount of time around the game. And if Ben hadn’t gotten hurt after his senior year of high school (darn hamstrings), he could have perhaps been one of those players (in a good way, folks) I knew in college, but thankfully the could-haves and what-ifs worked in our favor anyway and here we are, enjoying a World Series for his all-time favorite team together.

Although it would be super awesome to see a game in person (someday we’ll get there), for now we’ll take our live-streaming internet version, and lucky shirts, and hope that now is exactly the time for the Royals to Take the Crown!


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