The Woobie Woes

Blankie, Lovey, Binker, Woobie — whatever you choose to call it, having a well-loved blanket is pretty common in the life of a Little. What I’m not sure is quite as common, however, is loving one’s woobie to shreds. And by loving, I totally mean chewing.

IMG_1516 IMG_1517

Yes, my child is more or less eating his beloved blanket.


I never like to ask “Is this normal?” when I phrase a question concerning one of my kids (because what is normal and who says we/they should be?), but really? Does anyone else out there have a kiddo who has taken to slobbering/chewing/sucking on their blanket and is thereby destroying it??

This has been happening for months. Lincoln gets up from bed or nap and the edges of his green sheep blanket are soaked/gross. Every time. Eventually the hem started to wear in places and I can’t actually tell you how many times I have pulled chunks off because I don’t want them to get wrapped around his arm/neck or go down his throat by accident. I also can’t tell you how many times I washed the thing, but I’m pretty sure it is not enough.

Notice the 1.25x.25-inch bruise on his head? That’s the result of the goose egg via door frame I mentioned the other night on Facebook. Oof!

When the blanket gets wet 2x a day, every day, it doesn’t take long for it to get icky and need laundered. But I can’t don’t remember to wash it every day, and can you imagine if I did? The thing would be washed/worn down so badly that Lincoln would go into a tailspin. I mean – look at this. He loves this ratty thing!

So what to do? My current proposed solution is to cut off the remaining hems and divide his woobie into four pieces with new hems. That way three of them can go in his pajama drawer and one in his crib, and a new one can be pulled out every couple days while the currently slobbered on one gets washed.

Think it will work?

In my head, I think yes because the four squares will stay nicer/fresher and won’t have to get washed to death in order to do so. But what if he flips because the blanket is no loner big enough to do this?

IMG_1515I mean, we are talking about a 2yo here and logic is not exactly in their repertoire, so how risky is this potential plan of mine?

Please advise!!

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