Holy Crap, We Did It!

Wow. Even in the history of sucking at posting, I don’t know that I’ve ever done quite so bad at this whole blog thing as I have so far this month. As in, very, very little writing (but some writing I’ve been quite proud of, like this and this).

But, you guys. We did it! We made it to Ben’s Christmas break as a family of six!! I’m just going to sit here for a minute and let the magnitude of this semester sink in a bit…..

Photography by the 6yo

In the last 3.5 months we’ve done a lot.

We added a whole new person (a whole new person!) to our family.

We sent our bright and biggest boy out into the world (that quote about motherhood being the hardest thing because you let a piece of your heart wander around outside of you? It’s for real).

We celebrated highs and documented lows.

And for the last three weeks we’ve done the whole in sickness and in health bit as December has been very, very unkind to me, in particular. After getting sick the week of Thanksgiving, and then being on meds for 10 days, I am still, a week and a half post-medicine hacking a bit. Apparently when my sinuses finally decided to clear, they chose to drain directly into my lungs giving me one hell of a cough.

Thankfully this week the rest of the aches and pains have subsided and it’s just the gross, occasional bark, but wow – to feel pretty much like crap for pretty much 3/4 of a month has been rough, and perhaps why I haven’t had much brain power for writing. But getting back into the swing of things is part of life and I feel like I’m truly back among the living now, so let’s do this.

Let’s celebrate a FULL semester.

Let’s celebrate REST.

Let’s celebrate being PRESENT.

Let’s celebrate the enormity of 2015, in whatever ways it has been big for each of us, and then let’s send it out in style.

Photography by the 4yo

Assuming I get clearance next Wednesday (the state of my lungs has me wondering still), I will be closing this year with my first-ever surgery on Dec. 28
. It’s a sinus surgery to correct a deviated septum (that I’ve probably had forever and no, not from a street fight, in case you were wondering about some buried past life or something) and I’d sure like to get it done because, hi, breathing better sounds nice and so does not getting sinus infections like the one that kicked my ass this month so often. But we’ll see. We’ll just see what the dr. says and where my body is and we’ll take it. And we’ll celebrate. Because HOLY CRAP! The last 3.5 months were HUGE and we still freaking DID IT!.

And we’ll do whatever comes next because that’s the gift, the beauty, of this ride.


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