25 Things -2015

Here it is! The annual list of accomplishments – small, big, and even bigger – to document and conclude another year’s passing. As always, thanks for reading along, both on this post and any others you’ve read. As 2015’s last two days come and go, I hope you’ll consider making a list of your own to mark your year as well.

As for me, here goes:

  1. Gave (natural) birth to my fourth sweet babe, Truman John – in one contraction!
  2. Sent my first kiddo off to Kindergarten.
  3. Sent my second kiddo off to Preschool.
  4. Decided not to chop up my third kid’s woobie. (not a huge Thing, but thought I should be an equal opportunity mama & represent all four Littles on the list)
  5. Celebrated nine years of wedded bliss in August. Actually, I have no idea what we did for our anniversary. We’ve been married a long time and I was uber-pregnant. We probably crashed on the couch after we got the children to bed or got ice cream or something glamorous like that.
  6. Joined a book club.
  7. Spontaneously helped start another book club!
  8. Read 70 books. 70 BOOKS! (two book clubs and a crazy reading challenge can really inspire a girl to keep the pages turning)
  9. Taught (just) one writing course at CCC.
  10. Started writing for Her View From Home on a monthly basis. See (no, really – please click and then like or share! 😉 ) my latest post here.
  11. Wrote 80+ blog posts here. Less than last year, but I’ll take it!

    My vain attempt to encourage the 2yo to wear the hat to his Halloween costume which is also the blog’s theme costume.
  12. Got my nose did. Just kidding – “got my deviated septum fixed” is actually accurate.
  13. Updated each of the children’s baby books (this feels like a huge accomplishment, folks).
  14. Gave up on my passive-aggresive but persistent battle to get the children to all call me Mama. Now they call me Mama/Mom/Mommy/Mum; I call them all by the wrong name constantly, so this only seems fair.
  15. Completed my prenatal yoga certification.
  16. Began offering prenatal/Mama yoga classes
  17. Taught yoga up until the last few weeks of my pregnancy and began again when Truman was 8 weeks old.
  18. Posted pictures with imperfections and wrote about what that meant to me.
  19. Channeled MacGuiver on the longest road home and again when the 2yo locked himself in the bedroom.
  20. Got my first real haircut in over four years.
  21. Gave up for coffee for three whole days after Truman was born. Never doing that again.
  22. Learned that being brave sometimes means just being yourself and inviting others into your world to see that.
  23. Asked for help after the baby was born. Accepted the help that was given. So incredibly awed and appreciative of the help received!
  24. Read Mrs. Dalloway. I know – I already mentioned the # of books read this year, but completing this one is darn near a decade in the making, so it seems worthy of its own entry on the good old list of accomplishments in 2015.
  25. Finally made the switch to WordPress and started using my domain name (that I purchased in 2013). Progress!

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