Couch Bound

Not until I parked it on our two-couch Monday afternoon and haven’t gotten up except to use the bathroom did I realize how much I do not sit in a given day. I mean, nursing insists that I plant myself in the rocker for 20ish minutes 5 or 6 times a day (that math could be so wrong – I’m too groggy to know or to bother checking accuracy) but as soon as Truman is done feeding, I’m up and off to the next task. So here’s what I’ve learned in 48 hrs. on my couch: I kind of suck at this.

Actually, I’m doing much better this go-around than in September when we tried to have B do All the Other Things while I “just” rested. This time I’ve barely glanced in the kitchen much less tried to help un/load the dishwasher or get food for anyone, not even myself. More on this later, but the hubs is rocking the whole Primary Care Giver role this week and is being super patient with both me and the littlest boys. And again, thank goodness the Bigs are off to Gma’s so he can actually focus on three instead of five!

No, what I suck at is sitting in the same spot for so long. Or maybe it’s not so much me and just the act of being stuck in one place that sucks. I have never been put on bed rest for any reason and I have to say I’m pretty grateful because just this two days so far of couch confinement is making my legs and neck super sore and that’s even with mindful attention to reposition as much as I can. And while I was lucky enough to sleep last night, which was very needed, it turns out that 3-hrs. in a row of upright couch sleep (x2) is very stiff making.

Also nudging me to the whiney side is the nose diaper a.k.a. mustache bandage a.k.a ninja mask that I am still wearing to collect drainage/blood. While I very much like the protection from leaks, the mask itself is not a good fit – literally – for my noggin. It’s no secret around our house that I have a huge head (we make jokes on a regular basis), but dang, I can’t find a place for the elastic that doesn’t stretch and strain and therefore hurt my face or ears or both.

See? Whiney.

Thankfully we’re in the T-minus 24 hours and counting mode, now, as my stints should come out some time tomorrow (fingers crossed; yes, please!) which hopefully means I’m also much closer to being back in my bed and able to take the great luxury of, you know, resting on my side for a wee bit and maybe I’ll even get a break from the mask + gauze, too?!

Whiney levels expected to drop immediately when that happens! Also, I’m going to celebrate that my legs and neck are bothering me more than my actual face…that’s actually, probably quite fortunate!

Happy Times by the children on the two-couch this summer. 



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