The Muck and the Miar

It is no secret that this year has been off to a rocky start for us.

So last week, when I came across this image around the same time that one of kiddos woke up with diarrhea which also happened to be the day the toilet broke and had to be replaced (no, really…I couldn’t make that shit up if I tried), I laughed and laughed.

OK, I snorted and guffawed a bit, but do you blame me? Not only are B and I big House of Cards fans, but the implied message here seemed a little too fitting and it was better to laugh than cry in that moment.

Because when the shit(ter) hit the fan last week, it all just felt like par for the course these days. And frankly, there have been moments when I have wanted to flip the calendar a double bird and others where nothing other than a few tears leaked down the cheeks could help.

But at some point here the repair bills are going to stop piling up and our luck is going to turn. It has to! And here’s hoping that my friend who pointed out that bad things happen in threes and we have met our quota and should now be in store for three good things is right because our nerves and our budget can’t handle much more of this.

I have a few ideas floating around my head that will hopefully help with the redistribution of spirits and funds, which I will be sharing in the weeks to come. In the meanwhile, there is good news in this: saw the doctor today and the nose is literally good as new! I have apparently been taking excellent care of it (whew!), and have been cleared to resume normal activity. And just in case you’ve been wondering, no it doesn’t look any different, nor did recovery ever leave me looking like a street fighter (again, whew!).

Now that the nose is healed, I hope to transfer the grace and care given to it/me to other parts of our life because no way can we stay stuck in the muck forever.


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