To Nuture

What is it about a sudden sore throat that makes a mama stop and examine her life?

What? You don’t do this??

I don’t mean I’m sitting here philosophizing the day away (who has the time between all the mothering and attempted-throat-repair remedies?!), but I think whenever one gets sick, to any degree, it brings us up short with the health and wellness we sometimes take for granted on our good days.

At least that’s where my oh-my-gosh-every-swallow-HURTS self and my thoughts were this morning as I sat nursing the cozy and getting oh-so-big baby before his morning nap. I sat rocking away, thinking about what I could do to make myself feel better and how I am so grateful I’ve been as healthy as I have in the almost monthS since my surgery, especially when I’ve found myself surrounded by one, two, or even three runny-faced, coughing kids at any given time in the last several weeks.

That in turn led me to think about the most nurturing and awesome message I received from a friend halfway around the world, right after my surgery, that in the kindest and most loving way told me to take care of myself and go slow with the recovery process. She is one of my mama gurus, and I very much took the note to heart because I knew she had not only the interest of me but also my Littles in mind when she wrote it.

When we take care of ourselves, we can better take care of those around us. I say it in yoga classes all the time and I do what I can here at home to live that message. Today it means cough drops, tea, and gargling salt water. Other days it means an extra cup of coffee or some time with a good book. A yoga class taken at least once a week. Whatever I can do to give myself a little love so I can turn around and love on my Littles – that’s my current best advice for all the mamas and papas out there. In other words, find what makes your heart sing and your battery recharge and then do those things. Daily. Find love. Give love. Nurture yourself and others. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

And speaking of the heart, I would love it ever-so-much if you’d give the following link a view (and like or share). It’s my latest on HVFH and sharing my writing is definitely another way I let my heart sing (and will maybe, someday, earn me a cup of coffee! 😉 ).

Love Is…





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