Wow. I probably didn’t need the second cup of coffee today because, holy moly cow, I am already pretty darn wound up and excited as it is, but I’m already chugging it, so too late now! 

 Why all the fuss? I mean, it is a Tuesday after all.

But this is going to be the best Tuesday in the history of all Tuesdays because today is Glennon Day, also known in my head as Oh My Glennon Day! After years of following her work online at Momastery.com, and reading her book (and preordering her new one), I actually get to see her with my own eyes and hear her with my own ears because she is coming to Omaha today! And I am headed there, too, with six awesome women which, as it turns out, is pretty darn serendipitous because today is also International Women’s Day!

I love when the Universe conspires to bring such wonderful events together (and no, that’s not just the caffeine talking), and even though it is going to be a lot of car time and a really late night (after a long weekend FULL of long nights tending to two sick Littles – hence the coffee and rambling sentences), it is going to be so worth it. I get friend time and Glennon time (although probably not a hug because the event will have 650 -!!!- people in attendance, so yikes – that’s a long line for a hug) and I get to celebrate the fact that I have such wonderful women in my world – both near and far, both known and unknown. So very cool.

The tricky part, of course, is the lack of Little time. I don’t know how that can seem so hard because I spend SO much time with them; why should taking half of one day “off” (I’ll still be pumping, mind you) feel like so much? And yet it does, and I know I’ll miss seeing them at supper and bedtime tonight, and snuggling my still snot-nosed sweet Trumy, and of course, greeting Harrison after school.
We didn’t tell the kids until this morning that I would be gone tonight and while they were excited that the baby gets to help put them down for bed (bless Ben’s sweet heart!), you could see the wheels turning in HD’s head as he processed this. And then the morning kind of exploded for about 12 minutes thanks to a meltdown over listening to music on the Kindle as we waited for his ride, and we (OK, just he) had tears. Oh, the tears! But then the clouds parted and he hugged it out with his dad and let me hold him on my lap on our front steps as we waited for our friends to come get him for school. And those 4 minutes on the steps might just rival the rest of the day for fantastic-ness.

In those four minutes, I got to hold my getting-so-big boy close. I got to have a staring contest (I lost) and give him a kissing hand. I got to tell him about Glennon and her message of kindness and second chances (pretty darn fitting for this morning’s happenings) and why I am so excited to go hear her speak. I got to give kisses and hugs and tell him “goodnight” (at 7:55 a.m.) and I also got to reassure him that he could come see me right away in the morning and that I would miss him so much. I also got a kissing hand kiss from him. Basically, those four minutes turned out to be some of the best connection time we’ve had in weeks (so much sickness in our house has really cramped any fun, playing, and together time) and I am as grateful for them as I am for what is to come with the rest of my day.

So here’s to the amazing women in my life, and the amazing man who is helping me raise my – ahem – amazing babies. Part of me wants to wish you all this much happiness and excitement every day, but since my introverted soul probably couldn’t handle quite this much activity on a regular basis, I’ll take it as a special day – a day to celebrate and be grateful for opportunities for adventure and connection.

Happy Tuesday!


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