Over It

Historically, much like November, March is not a month for heavy blogging. I don’t know if that is the change in season or the fact that it corresponds with cold season or what, but this is my fourth year running with this and the trend holds true.

As a result, this is going to be a hodgepodge post – part update and part AYFKM because I’m a bit over all of it and bit all over. You saw last week’s post, right? About the total lack of sleep and all the havoc that was causing our little fam? Same acronym was in that one, so check it out for back story.

Here goes!

Update: Last week, before things got better sleep-wise they got WAY worse with a night of a whopping two-hours mid-week, but since then they have been mercifully improving. Truman’s naps have settled down post time change to the point that he is now taking two beautiful naps each day (knock on wood – knock over a whole forest!) and going to bed about the same time as the big kids since he no longer takes a third late-day snooze on me. And he’s back to getting up just one random time during the night instead of one, so slowly, slowly, my sleep is improving (*snort* that’s a relative thing, for sure, but at least it is on the upswing!).

Second Update: I survived a yoga teaching marathon for my record books (that I’d rather not repeat any time soon in terms of quantity, although the classes themselves were all quite enjoyable). In a 17-day timespan, I taught 14 classes. I didn’t mean to do that, but clearly I was not paying attention in February when I scheduled some extras and then March came along and knocked me on my butt with its reality. Holy Moly Cow. I love teaching yoga. A lot. But that’s a LOT of energy flying around outside of myself and my family during a time (sick kiddos, being Littles in general) when they require a TON of me. I got through the two+ weeks and had a good time doing all of it, but I have got to be more mindful of my schedule and my sanity in the coming months because that was crazy.

Third Update/First AYFKM: my throat is not better. It’s not worse. I’m not even sure what’s going on, but there is still this hunk of junk stuck back that I try all day, every day to swallow and just can’t seem to get rid of it. Is it leftover from getting sick in mid-February? Is it allergies? Is it because yucky stuff doesn’t get automatically stuck in my sinuses anymore post-surgery and now gets hung up in my throat? I don’t know but I don’t like it and I want SO badly to feel 100% healthy again.

Second AYFKM: Actually this one is an OMWTG (Oh my word, thank goodness!). I got pulled over for a FixIt ticket this afternoon for expired tags but was fortunate enough not to have any of the children with me so I didn’t have to/won’t have to endure 100s of questions about what Mama did wrong, etc. The AYFKM comes from the fact that I told my husband I should take the other car and he poo-poo’ed me, so I was more surprised by my gut instinct/irritated (irrationally? yes. does that matter? no.) with my husband when the whole flashing lights thing went down.

Third AYFKM: our washing machine died this afternoon. You know you only know this happens when it is stuffed with a huge load of clothes (no, that’s not what killed it) that doesn’t quite go right, right? How else would you know it was broken?! So, after fishing out all sopping wet clothes from the no-longer working (ancient) machine, we made arrangements for its replacement and will spend the rest of tonight cleaning the laundry room/playroom in preparation for its arrival tomorrow. Because are you effing kidding me? If there is one thing this family of six depends on, it is the washing machine!

Folding the clothes after they are washed and dried? Well, clearly that’s not such a priority:

You guys, that is not a shallow chair!

So, March –  you’ve kept me hopping and made me hopping mad at times. You’re still my main month, though, so I’ll keep you, busyness, massive laundry piles, yoga overload and all.

The weird throat stuff can go.



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