The Music Man (Men)

Oh, my sweet boys. Well, my sweet girl, too, but this is a post more for the little Welschie men and their deep, deep  love for music, some of which we got to witness today.

Thanks to family activities throughout our gloriously, sunny Sunday, we happened to encounter live music twice today. Well, almost.

The first encounter was the almost. We attended a luncheon and silent auction for the Food 4 Thought group at Hastings College, and as we sat eating our soup and cinnamon rolls (RL story: she totally ate just the frosting off the top of hers first), a music ensemble from the college began setting up (right by our table!) so they could entertain the crowd. My kids were enthralled. They were all eyes on the band and were so excited to ask questions (mostly, when will they start?!) and name the instruments:

HD: Mama, that’s a tall standing bass.

Me: (slightly dumbfounded) Yes! Do you remember who plays one?

HD: Miss Amy! (one of the kids’ local teacher faves, out at Prairie Loft)

Me: (still slightly dumbfounded) That’s right! How did you know the name of the      instrument?

HD: Curious George [ha! figures!]

Unfortunately, all we got to see/hear, though, was the warm up session. Because of the two littlest Littles needing naps, we had to leave before a real song was played and I tell you what, the L-O-N-G face on my sad six-yr-old lasted quite a while because “We didn’t even get to hear them play ONE song!” Poor kid.

Luckily, we already had plans to attend Seussical: The Musical at Ben’s school this afternoon and they had live music there, so B and I weren’t too fazed by the lunch letdown, as we knew this would most likely make up for the missed jazz ensem. Parenting win – we were right!

Somehow, at the musical, we got seats right down in front for the afternoon performance (which I came to straight from teaching yoga and B had to wake up the two littlest littles from those naps to get to), and the boys were all in love from the moment it started. Well, HD was on the other side of Ben, so I’m just assuming here from the charter later on the way home that he was totally down with the stage life [HD to Ben after the show: Daddy! I could be up on that stage!].

Truman was also loving it, at least until the 5/6 through Act I  – at which point I had to leave with him because hi, nursing with no cover (because I didn’t have one along) in the front row of the very full auditorium, in full view of the orchestra pit and all those on stage just didn’t seem like a good idea – and he chilled on B’s lap, chewing away at his favorite giraffe plush until the hunger got him. [Sadly, he only made it 1/6 of the way through Act II at which point I had to leave-leave with him to go nurse in the van and wait for the show to finish without us – I was so bummed to miss the rest of it!]

But it was Lincoln who really, really loved our musical adventure today. Because B’s lap was already taken by the baby, LT crawled up in mine (you won’t hear me complaining!) and sat there the whole time until I had to snag and dash away with the baby. Although a few sudden symbol crashes startled him, causing him to grab my leg or hand for reassurance, he had a blast be-bopping along to the songs, tapping the beat on my leg, and even dancing along a little bit. He clapped along with the audience after every song, and apparently by the end of Act II, he was down-right doing choreography along with the kids on stage (way to go, E.D.!). I can’t even tell you how many times I looked at Ben during the show and then smiled at the back of Lincoln’s head because it was so darn sweet to watch him enjoy the performance that much.

So do I have a future as a theatre mom? Chances seem good that I do!



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