Mama’s Math

Do you ever shop at a store like Kohl’s or TJMaxx where they are super proud of the savings they offer, so much so that you can often “save more” than you spend? Do you ever look at that saved number circled on the receipt and think, “They totally just paid me to shop!”?

What? No?!

Oh, well. Perhaps the story will still highlight for you in relation to the rest of the post, though, just how much this English major’s brain tends to manipulate (mess up?) numbers.

Or maybe I’m just that worn the flip out after last week’s crazy town schedule and so this makes sense to me but no one else. Let me explain…

Normally my rock star husband does the bedtime routine for the oldest three Littles, but somehow last week ended up with him being gone for bedtime two nights (and one of those was an overnight, which, wow), plus another night with a music concert and another one with soccer practice for HD, so basically a week ago I started working my tail off for a solid 12+ hours a day and the whole shebang led to both this extremely long run on sentence and one wiped out, rather cranky mama by the weekend.

Was I sad to see the rainy weather arrive with the weekend? Not at all. We totally need the moisture and the gray clouds are just right for both a little angst and quick catnap attempts on the couch, which is the only way I survive in addition to my daily cup(s) of coffee.

But remember how I said this post was about numbers? Yeah, I hardly do either, but I swear that was the point when I sat down to write this, so let me steer us back that direction.

Before Ben left for his overnight conference on Friday, I told him that considering the ages and stages of each of our children, he was not just leaving for one night away from home. Oh, no. When you are left with this many highly dependent, highly needy individuals in your care, it is like being left for 24 hours per kid, per actual absence. Read: one night away taking into consideration four kiddos = FOUR nights of solo parenting.

I swear. But may I again refer you to my multiple degrees in English. Perhaps I don’t math real well, eh?

Mathing or not mathing, I got through my four nights. And the other (actual) four nights of craziness last week, too.

How? Carving out time with friends post-putting down the kids (I love that my people are so willing to come to me – it’s awesome), chocolate covered coffee beans (OMG, love!), a glass of wine, hitting up a restorative yoga class, snarky social media posts, meditation, and flat-out Little Engine that Could determination.

Isn’t some form of that combination of coping skills how pretty much every mom rolls?

Waiting for Daddy to return from post-prom clean up duties on Sunday, because, of course that was part of our week/weekend, too! 




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