Body Image Balance

When I originally signed up to teach a yoga workshop on body image in May, I had no idea how perfect the timing would be in terms of my quarterly updates here, but sure enough, it has been three months already since I last wrote about body image and my workshop is coming up this Sunday afternoon at the studio.

Body Image Balance

I am pretty stoked about this. I have been pulling together some of my favorite resources (I’m a wordy girl, living in a wordy – book-filled – world) and favorite yoga moves, and I can’t wait to share these, along with my own experience, with some local yogis this weekend.

If I have learned anything since I first began the real work of this journey to balanced body image, it is that this is a process. A life-long process, actually. But the important point to remember is that no matter where you are on the path, you are on the path. And if workshops such as this can help others continue, or maybe even begin, their walks, then my heart is already full of gratitude for the honor to be part of those journeys.

Do I have all the answers? Is my own body image suddenly 100% solid? Nope and nope. But that’s OK. What counts is that I keep asking and I keep working.

If you are in town Sunday afternoon and have a spare 90 minutes, come join me as we continue the work together!


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