Week in Review

I know the week isn’t over yet, so reviewing it today might seem a little silly, but are you kidding me? I can’t even remember Monday because it feels like three years ago, not just three days, so clearly my sense of time and what constitutes appropriate material for a review post are all kinds of subjective.

Let’s just go with it, shall we?

So, Monday: Nope. Really no clue. Saw some of my favorite people, I know that, but the day as a whole? Who knows.

Tuesday: Oh, Tuesday. How did this day not get its own post? Oh, yeah, because we had 1 million things going on and I was attempting to function on just four-ish hours of sleep, as I definitely did not go back to bed when the baby got up at 3:30 a.m. to nurse. Why not? Swirly Brain. Swirly Brain drives me bonkers and thankfully I don’t get it as much as I once did, but when it hits, it hits hard. So the day itself was interesting. On top of it being our last FPU class (another post on that coming soon), we also had a student success night to attend at HD’s school which we tried to squeeze in between supper and the baby’s bedtime and the big kids’ bedtime and our meeting. Fun, eh?

Part of this attempt involved Ben and the three Bigs walking to the school with the plan for me to drive there and meet up with them to finish up the open house and get everyone home lickety-split before we had to leave again. All well and good until Husband walked off with the only set of keys to the car I was supposed to drive which was also totally blocking the driveway, and of course he never answers his phone, so I used all my huffy attitude to high tail it on foot to the school myself and then made him walk back to get the car to come collect us post Open House. End of the world? No. Annoying as hell and a brief snapshot of our Tuesday? Yes.

Wednesday: Fortunately I got more sleep Tuesday night and as we all know, that makes a world of difference. It was a good thing, too, because Wednesday was nonstop. A morning outing to swim with Raegan and her preschool class (she was nervous as all get out at the start of it, but then she did great and showed me many – many! – froggy bounces and donkey kicks at the wall of the pool) followed by a coffee date with more of my favorite people that afternoon, and a yoga-filled evening left me with a very eventful 13 hours.

I distinctly remember looking at the kitchen counter yesterday morning as I was getting HD’s lunch ready and thinking, “Nope. There is NO way that pile of dishes is getting done today.” But then, my sweet friend who came over to hang with LT and TJ so I could swim with RL not only took care of my children for an hour and a half, but she also DID my dishes and folded a load of laundry she found downstairs as well. What?! Know how big my heart felt to know I have friends like that? Huge, actually. And huger still (shush- I know that is not a word) that afternoon during the coffee date because I can’t even tell you how much it has meant to me this school year (this Trumy year) to have my people come to me because I am house-bound by nap schedules. More to come on that in a soon-to-be post, too.

And now today, Thursday: It is another blessidly sunny day out, perfect for throwing open a few windows and sitting outside for bits and pieces of time while the kids play in the yard. HD’s soccer practice should be lovely tonight. And I’m off for the night from teaching, so today feels much more slowed down which is clearly what Swirly Brain needs right now. A day to catch up, maybe shower (maybe not), do some writing, and hang on the two-couch with this girl who keeps asking to listen to my music as she watches her shows on Netflix while I type. I’ll take it!



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