Carving in Stone?

Last year my post-birth post about whether or not our Mt. Rushmore was complete exploded. As in, hundreds of views more than a normal post. Hundreds!!

Now that Truman is 8 months, I find myself still visiting the question of “Well? Will we go for one more?” a lot. A LOT. Are we ready to carve our monument or is it still growing??

Recently I wrote about where my head is on all this over at Her View From Home. And clearly it is still a topic that resonates with folks, because I have had more messages and feedback pertaining to this post than I have in ages.If you haven’t read it yet, please check out the link here: The Seven-Year Itch of Motherhood

And then, please, by all means – feel free to leave a comment to add your voice to the conversation! Welsch Fam 205


4 thoughts on “Carving in Stone?

  1. I feel you! My number was always 4 too, but I have 3 and I’m terrified to do it again. I don’t think I can handle it. No one has had any surgery 😉 So nothing is for sure, but I am pretty much done! Love my kids and wouldn’t trade them for anything… I just want to be well enough to raise them!

  2. Love Truman’s little kicky feet in this picture, and LT explaining things and R and H doing their own thing… so sweet. Captures parenting. And five? Well you of all people could handle it.

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