And We’re Off (Again)

Call us crazy, but after 9 months of basically going nowhere as Family of Six, we are now going All the Places! It has only been two weeks since we returned from our trip to Houston, but already Ben took all four kids (by himself – Ninja!) to the farm to see grandparents, great grands, aunt/uncle and cousins, on quick overnight, and – spoiler alert – it went really well! I credit these two successes for what plan hatched next: a road trip to SoDak.

Although we don’t travel there nearly as much as we did B.C., we have gotten pretty skilled at the two-part trip that involves seeing my parents and my dad’s mom in Yankton and then my mom’s sister/her hubby and my mom’s dad in Pierre. When you drive from here to there and then there to there (ha! that made zero sense to everyone outside of SD/my head), each leg of the trip is less than four hours which seems semi-doable, even with four kids in the car. Actually, we don’t know that part yet, as this is, again, our first endeavor driving across state lines as FoS, but Trumy is big enough to not need to nurse so often, so I really think each part of the trip will be manageable and then we get a couple nights in each landing spot to breathe again before moving on to the next. Should work, right? Right?!The other reason this works is that we have a lovely window this week where no kiddo is signed up for any camp and no grown up is signed up for any outside obligations/scheduled to teach anything (OK, I had to find one yoga sub, but considering how much I’ve been teaching lately, one sub for five days of travel is pretty amazing). It just sort of fell into place, which has to be a good sign.

And really, the motivation to introduce Truman to all of his great grandparents is pretty strong right now. So far he has met 2/5, but after this trip and then a visit from B’s mom’s mom to NE in July, he will have made 100%, so that’s fantastic, especially since so many of the great grands are around or beyond their mid-80s now.

So a traveling we will go. A lot of the travel games and activities from the flights haven’t even been unpacked yet, and no fancy pants are required (hence, they can’t be forgotten), so really this should be easy peasy. Right?! Right!!




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