Coming up Welschie

If I could revert back 25 years or so, I would think today was a pretty kick-ass day. For the record, as a 34yo, I still think today was pretty kick-ass, but I’m trying to look at it the day from the eyes of my Littles, and I would say that vacation days don’t get much better than what they got to do today.

First on the agenda, hotel breakfast. Who doesn’t love a good hotel breakfast? HD certainly does as he attempted to eat his weight in cinnamon rolls, blueberry muffins, and waffles (and cereal and OJ, too) this morning. All that carb loading came in handy soon after, though, as the kids hit the ground running and did not stop for long the rest of the day.

img_2508While Trumy and Mama napped/hid in the bathroom (yep, still doing that) this morning, the Bigs and Daddy met up with Great Grandpa for some park time near the river (boo! no pictures of that!) and then later collected us from the hotel so the Welschies Six could do the South Dakota Discovery Center together before lunch. You guys, how can you not love this building, much less all the awesomeness it has in store for kiddos? We try to hit this every time we are in Pierre and we are never disappointed. Today’s hottest hot spots were PVC pipe building (HD made a parking garage – lol!) and the Vet Office, Paws and Claws (where RL and LT played forever). Personally, I wanted to take the giant windows with me – love the light!

Next, while I once again hid in the hotel room while the littlest boys napped, Ben and the big kids did lunch (hello McD’s playplace and ice cream!) and then the pool, where they stayed for the next TWO hours – Lincoln joined them for the last 30 minutes or so. They were all in LOVE with the pool.

After showers for all, it was off to Zesto, another Must Stop spot in Pierre for (gasp! more!) ice cream with Great Aunt Jackie. Banana Laffy Taffy sherbet cones (HD and I looooove Banana Laffy Taffy and apparently so do the other kiddos and my aunt!), to be exact, and HD was so pleased, I think his little boy heart about popped out of his chest. img_2555

Then it was on to Great Grandpa’s place for a grill-out of hot dogs and hang-a-burgers (thanks, RL!) and some games, and just general hang out time before we loaded everyone up to come back and crash at the hotel so we can hit the road home early tomorrow.

But just thinking of this day – of sunshine and play time and swimming and treats and family time (which is what this whole trip has been about, anyway), makes my heart smile. I would say there isn’t much that is terribly easy about traveling with this many small children but that doesn’t mean doing so isn’t enjoyable, and it is certainly worth it for them to make memories with each other and extended family to boot. Somehow, I think they agree. ❤



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