Baby Sense?

OK, did someone figure out how to speak Baby and accidentally tell Truman that I am leaving for the weekend?

Because, really, I can’t for the life of me find any other reason for why he is a total hot mess today, unless he is going through a 9 3/4 month growth spurt, in which case, it better result in an acceptance letter from Hogwarts someday to make up for all the chaos right now, OK? OK.

But for real – what is going on? He is not sleeping well today and is nursing like a frantic obsessive every time I put him on the boob. Actually, he army-crawled chased me through the house this morning and screamed every time I left his sight (I was trying to get myself some breakfast – the audacity!), until I scooped him up to nurse, but again, the crap naps followed by more screaming are making this day rather brutal. Is he mad that he didn’t get a Mama Date in the last two days and is therefore demanding more attention? Trust me, Little Buddy, Mama is going to miss you a whole lot, too.

Did I mention I’ve been up since the 3s, when he got up to nurse and then my leaving-on-a-trip brain didn’t let me go back to bed? So it’s possible I may be a little extra sensitive to the tears and moods. Oof.

So, anyway, here’s hoping the baby calms down, I get packed, and we all get some dang sleep tonight. Otherwise the long weekend is going to feel EXTRA long for all of us!

Previous weekend, happier baby! 
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