What is Next

If you have been with me (and thereby the blog) for a while now, you know no subject really goes undisclosed here, but that I also take into great consideration just exactly how I share what I share with the world via the interwebs.

So, with that bit of vague, paradoxical language out of the way, I have an important update about my life to share with you now: I am leaving Avani, having turned in my two weeks’ notice just yesterday.

I have one Happy Hour class remaining on the schedule within that time on Sept. 2nd, and I hope it will be a fun- and love-filled flow as I close out my time at the studio and say thank you to everyone who has practiced next to me and/or taken classes from me these last few years. Being with you all has been an honor and a privilege, and even though my path and the studio’s may no longer be the same, I wish you all nothing but the best on your respective journeys.

The whys behind my leaving are not the focus here. What actually counts is what this means moving forward.

Actually, I don’t know exactly what this will look like.

img_3519What I do know is this: this decision is not me leaving yoga; nor is it with disregard for anyone I have been fortunate enough to call a student during my time at Avani. This is simply (I’m not sure such change is ever really simple, but you know life is change/change is life) what is best for me now.

What also remains is my teaching at the Y, and a deep commitment to bringing healthy balance to myself and my practice. And of course I will continue to share my love of all things yoga with anyone and everyone I can, because as far as I can tell, it is the best way to handle “what is next,” whatever that may be.

With much love and peace – Namaste!


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