Today was Bullshit

Today was hard.

Today did damage – to many things, but my maternal spirit perhaps most of all.

Today was bullshit.

Today was a day of a sick kid home from school but not sick enough to be sequestered to the couch, just really really whiney and demanding and clingy and whiney. So whiney.

Today was a day of a 3yo who not only colored his teeth – his TEETH – with a red marker that he then left uncapped on the bean bag, which bled so much that I turned six paper towels and my hands pink trying to clean it off before I gave up/had to move on to actual life essential tasks.

Today was a day of a school aged kid who was bouncing off the damn walls after he got home and apparently has never ever learned what the phrase listening ears actually expects. Holy mother of. 

Today my husband told me at noon that Wednesday

Where was this button today?
 was half over. I replied in my head, Bullshit. At noon on a day (night) when I teach, I still have eight hours of work ahead of me. Half my ass. 

Today, after being wiped out and totally depleted by this day, I had to put on my big girl pants (a dress, actually) and mascara (I understand that is a choice), and be not only a grown up but also a professional as I spend my evening attending to the lessons and needs of my students because I am busting my hump this semester to provide for the lessons and needs of my children who drove me batshit crazy this afternoon.

Today I typed a blog post with my thumbs because at this point it was write or explode. 

Today the baby and I are still friends. That is nice. 


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