Tickled Pink

Based on the following, one might think that I have a big thing for pink. img_3974And not that I have anything against, it, but pink is not exactly my favorite color to wear. But that’s the beauty of a bag, right? A chance to play with a color we might not normally put on ourselves. And in this case, these bags are just as bright and happy as their colors depict because today they represent adventure, learning, connection, and basic awesomeness.

Sound like a lot to project onto a pile of luggage? Yep, probably. But I’ll stand by my claims because today holds a lot. This, the final day of September, brings not only a Black Moon (the second new moon of the month), which is an incredible opportunity to begin anew, but it also brings me to my first solo yoga retreat.

That’s right! Mama gets to get away all by her big girl self for approximately 28 hours to attend an OMazing workshop with Lora McCarville who is guest teaching at {be} yoga studio in Sioux City, IA this weekend. I’m staying in a hotel and will get to see one of my faves from my 200 YTT group, and when you then take into consider the content of the workshop, everything just gets better.

img_3976We will be flowing and talking and working with ideas from the book Women Who Run with the Wolves, which I have started reading and for wow, this is a great resource about the innate, natural wildness and power that women have within them, and it couldn’t be a more perfect message for me this fall.

In a bit of synchronicity, I attended a fundraising event last night in Hastings for our beloved Prairie Loft that was solely for women and for wow again – when I look at the incredible talent and generosity that exists in this community, and the extent to which there are women out there supporting and uplifting and celebrating each other, I get excited. Excited for myself, excited for my friends, excited for my daughter. Excited for the future. There is so much potential when we come together to listen and love. It really does create a sense of wild freedom and power, with limitless possibilities. img_3975

So, even though I have all four kiddos home today while B is off at a professional day, I’m getting sh!t done around the house (including laundry with enough brainpower to not wash my name tag from last night) and getting my pretty in pink bags packed because this is a time of new beginnings. Of tapping in to self and center and growth.

And come this afternoon, I will hit the open road with my gear (and pump, of course), an audio download of a new bookclub selection, and the brand new Regina Spektor album (love Reggie! Love Spotify!), and I will take time for me so I can come home tomorrow, renewed and ready to care for myself, my people, and all that my heart is bursting to do.

Peace out, September!


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