Best Laid Plans

Well, so much for my hope and intentions for productivity when I last wrote a week ago. Although I managed to get a start on a couple of my wished-for To Do items, I also got slammed with a head cold so hard it turned into a Man Cold (you know, the kind that makes you really whiney and incapable of basic functions even though it is probably not that bad of a virus?) and I spent Friday afternoon and evening sneezing my head off and Saturday flat out in bed the whole day.

This has zero relevance to the post, minus the fact that he is so stinking cute, I love yellow leaves, and we enjoyed our solo Trumy time over the weekend.

So not what I had planned (OK, I did finish a book and I said in my last post that that would count for something, so there – I did something). But so it goes, and now a whole additional week has gone by with those items still on the list.


Such is the beauty of a To Do list though, eh? Whereas everything else in life never stays the same, a To Do list can go on indefinitely, it seems. However, with the nights growing longer and the weather turning colder, I am hopeful (must be an eternal optimist, eh?) that what remains of the indoor chores can still happen during the evenings after the children go to bed. Seeing as they – the children – are responsible for most of the chores (sorting/storing/cycling through their clothes and toys that we have been stockpiling for almost eight years now), I feel I would be remiss not to mention them here somehow.

The good news – we’ve crossed the halfway point. B and HD ended their first quarter of the school year and I, too, passed the milestone of the midway point in my semester. These are good things. It means we are keeping that forward momentum and progress even in the face of a the craziest (ahem, fullest) school year our not-so-little family has faced. As far as I can tell, every year is going to be interesting to say the least, so we might as well get used to it/practice/fake it til we make it now, right?


And truth be told, although I’d like a little more sleep in my life and unlimited coffee (hi, contradictions), I can’t say I would want things any other way, even when my productivity plans are thwarted by germbugs.


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