Doing It

When it comes to my two teaching hats, English and Yoga, they don’t so much overlap. I mean, they could actually coexist and come together quite nicely, but what I mean is that my schedules of teaching both have been intentional and mindful. I can only do so much, and my body tends to tell me in loud and clear ways when I try to do more than it wants.

For that reason, when I agreed last spring to take on more adjunct hours than ever before for this fall semester, I knew my yoga teaching would have to take a step back for a bit. And really, I was fine with that because I have learned a great deal about balance this year and no, I do not mean physical balance and funky asana. I mean ebb and flow, hard and soft, action and stillness. There has to be balance between the doing and the being. To me, that is living yoga.

When I made the decision this summer to leave the studio at the start of September, I did not know exactly where my yoga would land. I was – and still am – teaching at the Y, of course, and had – and still have – my hands quite full with CCC. I hadn’t originally planned to teach any more anything beyond that this fall, but then I started doing more of my own practice here at home and realized I still had space, energy, and love to share, so I did.

And just like that, I began teaching yoga, on my own, on my sun porch.

Granted, the space is limited, and the times I can actually offer are, too, but what has come out of this little experiment of can I go it alone? has been incredible. The primary class has been Neighborhood Yoga – offered to friends and neighbors in town (literally, some weeks have been comprised of folks who can walk here in less than two minutes) and what lights me up about it is the laughter and joy of building connection and community through these classes. Seeing people come together through their own practice/time on the mat IS union. Is yoga. Is amazing. I am so honored that these folks have brought so much great energy to this space; it is because of this that the balance remains for me even though my schedule is more full than ever before. My heart is just as full. ❤️



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