Tonight, I encountered the above misspelling of my name on a student paper and I was instantly smitten with it. Far better than being pronounced like the grape jelly maker (it happens almost as often as people misspell my first name with a “y” instead of “i”), this feels like a bizarre singular version of Welschies, which, as you all here on the blog know, is how I love to refer to our little family.

So. Welishi. I’m taking it and running with it. My one true teacher and adult in the world name. Seeing as I’ve been doing all kinds of teachery and adulty things in the world as of late, it feels good to put a name to it.

For example, tonight I did the mature and responsible thing (not to mention legal, seeing as I signed a contract and I know that my boss sometimes reads these posts) and had class on Halloween night. Because I teach on Monday nights and Halloween was unthinkably and unfortunately on one as well (I’m sure teachers and parents everywhere wish THAT occurrence was illegal), so really, what choice did I have?

My students tried to be very noble last Wednesday, telling me that I could cut class short or skip it altogether so I could go trick-or-treating with my kiddos, and while I really hated to miss our normal Oct. 31st Festivities, we got in plenty of costume time and candy over the weekend, so sticking to my regular class schedule on Halloween was fine (and all of my students came to class AND no one dressed up like a clown – thank goodness). But you know, I still feel this counts as an example of the conviction of Welishi.

Another prime example of awesomeness and adulting and, yes, teaching, came last week when I got to make a whirlwind trip to Kearney to speak on a panel about blogging in a friend’s journalism class at UNK. Her students were great and had excellent questions, and the whole thing was a fun little bit of reflection on how/why I do what I do here in this little cyberspace, and if that isn’t the whole point of my style of blog, I don’t know else to say.

And so, some pictures of celebrations and adulting (in other words, the end of our October):


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