Inadvertent Best Long Weekend

While I don’t think anyone ever sets out to have a sucky weekend, sometimes best laid plans don’t work out, causing our expectations and spirits to drop drastically when plans in fact fail. Interestingly enough, even though almost everything I had hoped to do over our long Thanksgiving Break weekend did NOT happen, I would not say my break was sucky. Not at all.

I think you might call that irony, but as pointed out in Gilmore Girls (I’m assuming, here, because I’ve watched nothing else for the last month+ on my mad quest to finish all seven seasons before the reboot came out, which, yes, was part of my successful non-weekend weekend), Alanis Morisette’s song really did ruin forever my hopes of clearly understanding the definition of irony (and this, from an ENGL teacher!).

While some of the Did Nots came from appointments that were missed/had to be rescheduled, most of it came from this terrible cough that I developed after we got home from our lovely Thanksgiving Day spent in Milford (our heater also crapped out for the second time last week that day but is back up and running -on its own! – so, knock on wood that that holds!).

The cough is ridiculous. It’s in my upper chest and has zero other symptoms, so I have no idea what is going on, how long it will last, or what I should do for it. And actually, besides the occasional mid-day outburst, it’s really not bad until I try to go to bed and then all hell breaks loose. As you can image, this paired with my obsessive GG watching completely wrecked my sleep the rest of the weekend.

While I did still take the kiddos to see Moana (LOVED it) on Friday, everything else on the docket for fun (shopping and yoga and meals with friends) had to go. Being out and about just wasn’t an appealing option Saturday or Sunday. But apparently a down weekend at home was just what my head and heart needed, because even though I am worn the eff out from trying to hack up a portion of my lung, I really loved our break. The kids were wild in the house at times, but we still managed to get the Christmas stuff up and that alone img_4277makes me feel better (like how we hid the tree from Trumy?)

Also, my body clearly just needed to chill out, which it got to do thanks to the Netflix marathon plus Shutterfly marathon (finished two kid’s annual books just in time for Cyber Monday!), so all was not lost, even though I had to park it on the couch where I was at least upright and therefore not so coughy.

Actually -in another (I think) bit of irony, I’ve been chugging along since mid-October when I first got sick and started watching GG, so why not bookend the show with another germ outbreak, right? Hoping this means I’ve got it out of my system so that when the semester actually ends in a few weeks, I can flat out just enjoy all the break has to offer!


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