Safety First

In just a couple weeks, we will celebrate our fifth year of being in this house. Crazy how time flies like that (and how our kid # has doubled since then), but one thing that has been on the To Do list for far too long post initial move-in and bolting of a bookcase to the living room wall, was this:


Secure Furniture.

It has been in the back of my mind for years and literally on a Post-It on my fridge since late last Spring (note the garage sale line and studio yoga notes from summer…clearly this list has been gathering items and dust for a while). But since it requires Ben’s help and free time and has to be during awake hours so as to not bother sleeping or napping babies and flatout brain cells to remember doing it, this task has been pushed back and pushed back and totally set aside.

That is, until today.

By now I’m sure many of you – most of you – have seen this bit from the news about the dresser that fell on a little boy and his twin who helped him escape it. Terrifying. Actually, even though I knew the boy was OK, I couldn’t even watch the thing until after we spent this afternoon finally making right and safe what we should have done ages ago.

img_4868Yes, that’s right…we spent from post-nap until supper time getting four pieces of big furniture in two of our bedrooms bolted to the walls, and while we still aren’t done, I am happy we finally made progress in safe guarding our house and our babies from one another just a bit more. And yes, we’ve totally had these at our disposal as long as we’ve been in the house. I’m not proud of that, but thankfully we’ve avoided problems thus far and I know these will help keep my little monkeys even safer in the future.

So please, let me add my voice to the others requesting that you do this: take the time and attach your furniture to the walls. It’s more than worth the effort and cost when you think about the potential disasters averted thanks to their placement.


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