Three Weeks In

Well, just about three weeks in, that is. And of course, last week set me back a bit, but I’m happy to report that while my January yoga challenge fell totally off the map (I sort of did that – I bumped the yoga from 3 to 7 days a week for this month because one of my favorite online teachers is doing a month-long series – for free!), I only missed one day of meditation last week but still totally met my overall goal. Heck to the yeah!


But here’s the kicker and here’s why I’m writing. Tomorrow, everything changes.

Tomorrow, both Ben and HD return to school (they should have gone back last Wed/Thurs respectively, but, you know – norovirus). Tomorrow, RL starts up again with PreK (LT goes Tuesday and gets to celebrate his Half Birthday!).

And tomorrow, this mama begins – again – teaching two nights a week at CCC in addition to an online course (and yoga!).

But actually, there’s some good news in there – I could have been teaching two online courses in addition to the lecture, but not enough folks signed up for the one, so I am back to offering “just” seven hours this semester (exact same as last fall) instead of ten. Did you hear my sigh of relief in that sentence? We’ve got some big things coming this year and I think seven instead of ten sounds just fine to me!

However, I am again wondering away from the point, and the point of this post is important, so let me redirect myself -again – back to it! The actual start of the semester is when I most desperately need my 3 & 5 goal to be happening, but it is also going to be the most challenging time to keep it going.

Look at what the flu did. It knocked me on my butt. Thankfully that’s where you are supposed to be for meditation (yoga teacher jokes – they are unique), but for physical asana, you have to have time and energy to practice. Of course I know I’ll have more energy if I just make the time, so that’s where you come in, my friends. You get to hold me accountable , even just by reading this, so I keep my efforts going and all my plates a’spinning.

Because here’s the thing. ALL the things can be done. At least, all the ones I really desire to do can happen, and you best believe that taking care of myself so I can take care of all the others is going to stay near the top of the priority list.

The stickers totally help. đŸ˜‰


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