What Do You THINX?

OK, friends. I wanted to just put this TMI-related question on Facebook, but I guess I’ll keep it slightly more private-ish (ha- nothing on the Internet is private) by using the blog instead. And let’s be clear, I’m really just talking to the ladies out there. Why? I’ll give you two words: Feminine Products.

I need some help. I really want to move away from disposable products, for a number of reasons. In that spirit, I bought (when I was still pregnant with Trumy) a menstrual cup. I’d heard a lot of good things about them and one of my best friends is a huge proponent, so I thought, sure! Yes! Let’s do this!

But then, when my cycle came back, I was not interested. It seemed like too much work.

When it became clear that my period was going to keep coming each month (boo? yay?), I continued to drag my feet. For months. And then, finally, at the very end of last year, I watched some tutorials and begrudgingly gave it a whirl.

It wasn’t a raging success, but it wasn’t a total disaster, either, and I’ve been told that there is a bit of a learning curve, so I was still kind of down with the idea, at least in theory.

And while I’ve tried it a couple more times since then, you guys (women), I just can’t do it. I don’t know if this is me physically or mentally or what, but I am STRUGGLING with the darn thing.

So my next reusable product that I am eyeing is period underwear, specifically Thinx (which you can learn more about at Shethinx.com).  Way less learning curve, just more laundry. I’m already drowning in laundry, so what’t the big deal there?

This has zero bits to do with the post; it is simply just me, tonight. 🙂 

All of this leads me to my question and the reason for this post -do any of you use this kind of product? Do you have reviews or recommendations? It’s got to be a HECK of a lot easier than the cups, but is it worth the investment?

I’d love to hear what you think or what your experience has been. And feel free to PM me because I get it – TMI all over the place with this one!

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2 thoughts on “What Do You THINX?

  1. When I still had a reason to use feminine prosucts I began using the Diva Cup. I really liked it. The learning curve did include knowing just the right fit techniques. They also have different sizes and your OB GYN could help you, based on their up front observation of your cervix size, shape and angle. I think having had multiple child births makes it a little easier to use. The Diva cup has an elongated tip that makes retrieval and emptying easier but you absolutely have to have private bathroom space with a sink close for clean up…. hope this helps.

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