Stage Five Clingers

I’m not sure what’s floating through the air this week, but holy moly cow, suddenly ALL of my children have turned into Velcro Babies! What gives?!

Now, with the actual baby (can you still call an 18mo a baby? ‘cuz I am.), this sort of makes sense. We’ve been out and about around new-ish people more in the last week than the last few months, so perhaps that is part of it. He’s a happy and friendly little guy but you can tell there’s a little bit of stranger danger happening, as he likes to view new faces from the safety of our arms and collarbones/necks. I mean, that’s fine. I get it. He’s also been crashing and bashing like crazy lately, so maybe he’s clingy because he’s sick of ricocheting off of furniture and walls and doorways? I don’t know, but yesterday went off the charts where he would NOT let me put him down nor could I sit down with him in my arms. I’m sorry. I may still be calling you a baby, but you are NOT a newborn!! This is not fair!!

It’s the other children that are leaving me a bit baffled. They are crawling on top of me and clinging to me at rates that I haven’t seen in ages. All of them! The crawling on top of people is not exactly new – they do it to each other so often that I frequently tell people I birthed a litter of puppies over the course of 6 years because they like to roll around on top of each other so much. But adding Mama to the mix? Well, that’s a little different.


Now, make no mistakes about it, I love the extra snuggles. “Mama, hug?!” might just be my favorite phrase ever to hear any time of any day. But it’s the fact that they seem to think they need to be with me ALL. THE. TIME. – even when they are doing their Kindle time – that’s getting to me. You see, it’s my Spring Break week and while I’ve enjoyed the nights off, I don’t really feel like I’ve accomplished much because it’s hard to hear yourself think when a Little or two is next to you playing Kindle while you are trying to work (or relax). It is this form of clinging that I’m not sure I can handle. Not unless I order some headphones for all of us. That would actually help a ton, but seems a little excessive, don’t you think?

So – for whatever reason – we seem to have a case of the Spring Clings. The cuddles I’ll keep. The all-the-live-long-day proximity? Eeeeeh. I might continue (to try!) to pass.


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