Hiding No More

I haven’t blogged in a long time. Well, only once in the last couple-ish weeks, which for me that is a very big stretch, but as it turns out I have a very good reason for my quietness – mainly, the fact that I am growing a whole new person right now (and also because I am so damn tired and can’t stay awake during the day so who has time to blog, but that is a direct result of growing said tiny new person, so we’ll just leave it at that).

Yeppers – as I’m sure many of you saw on the good old FB, we are expecting Welschie No.5 in November (Yes, the kiddos are excited! Lincoln was mostly excited to eat his cookie, but you know – still excited!). img_5814And yes, by some people’s standards it is early to share that news, but we’ve always been early tellers and are you kidding me? Between this being the 5th and the fact that I am still nursing the 4th a wee bit and have to eat to function as a human being myself, there is no hiding this belly for another four-five weeks. No way (and that’s OK – glorious, even!). But because I have been trying to hide it for the last few weeks, my writing has dipped because I am so accustomed to writing about what is happening in my life right this minute, and that’s hard to do when you aren’t telling very many people what’s actually going on with you.

Not that some of them probably didn’t guess (so help me sweet baby Jesus if anyone actually says to me ‘I thought so’ and glances at my belly as saying it. I don’t care if my tummy did give me away but there are ZERO circumstances in which I actually want to hear that it did. OK? OK.). I had a bizarre number of social engagements in the last few weeks, all of which involved the option to have a drink, and for the one particular friend who saw me at all three, well, upon hearing the news this week she said, “Well I know you’re not a big drinker, but I did wonder if something was up!” And my yogis? Oh my gosh – I felt like they could totally tell right away too, because yoga pants are stretchy but not miracle workers, plus I instantly stopped doing certain moves/got super winded while talking and yeaaaaah – all those things.

But now the belly is out of hiding and I can go back to writing and instructing and all the things as a normal mama-of-5 to-be. WHOA. I’m not sure how many people will find that to be a normal thing, but we are so excited and can’t wait to meet him/her. I also can’t wait to start feeling a little bit better because it’s hard to be raising 4 and growing 1 more and doing all the others jobs I have at home and outside of home and be so low on energy. I’ve started some supplements that I hope help calm the 24/7 queasies (no really – my tummy has been waking me at all hours of the night the last few weeks not to actually get sick but to lay there and wonder – for hours – if I might), and – to amend the earlier statement from above – Truman is now done nursing. He chose not to crawl in my lap Wednesday morning for his normal wake-up feeding and I didn’t fight it. Today we skipped it too, so that show is now closed and I think that will also help how I am feeling on a regular basis.

Also, as a random side/end note – reading back over this today (I wrote it probably a week and a half ago-ish?) shows me just how cranky and defensive I get during pregnancy, not to mention the first trimester. Oof. But, reality, so there ya go.  A little blog with a whole lot of truth.  img_5828


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