It Takes a Village

Bless it, my people know I love me a good theme (you guys, I made people wear cowboy hats and boots to my wedding rehearsal because IT had a theme) and clearly my people do, too, because #WonderWilson has set our little world on fire (I mean that in the best, most positive way possible, I promise) and we are just running with her Wonder Woman status. I mean, just look at the outpouring of WW love that came to us just from Hastings over the weekend:

img_8399-1It is awesome that we have such amazing people pulling and praying for us, and all of this combined has made what is also a scary and overwhelming process feel a little less intimidating knowing that we have a whole team of warriors behind us who want to do whatever they can so we can do whatever we need to do here for Wilson.

Honestly, I will never be able to write enough thank yous or express how grateful we are for the last week and how everyone has been there for us. For your baby to be literally swooped out of your arms and into a plane less than five hours after her birth and img_8414-1knowing that you’re going to be away from your home and other babies for an unknown length of time is horrible. And even though there were still lots of phone calls, texts, and messages to get the balls rolling on how to do life here AND there in those first, fuzzy 48 hours, it was clear from the very start that our village was going to come through in big ways and without me having to organize everything (God bless best friends who also happen to be amazing coordinators).

We’re talking meals and rides for the kids, offers of playdates, offers of food and help for us here in Omaha. So many things. Even compression socks for my swollen legs and things I didn’t even think of, but again, that shows how well my people know (and love) me.

Take for instance the offer of book delivery that I got from a friend in Omaha. img_8427-1What?! I had no idea how amazing that would be until she offered and when she dropped them off, the little stack just happened to include one that I’ve been wanting to read since it came out. Funny how things just click like that sometime.

But that is very much how things have gone for us here. I still have stories to share about Willa’s surgery and how the stars really aligned for us, but truly that’s been the case since this whole wild ride began. Random stuff has come up and people have been willing to make connections happen (most unique request from me thus far to a friend? wrapping paper for the kids’ Christmas Book Countdown to be dropped off at the house so Gma could wrap them to start opening on Dec. 1 without having to haul kids to the store to do so).

Essentially, all of this post is to start the process of saying Thank You. Thank you to each one of you who has volunteered help and services and money and prayers and well wishes and comments/messages/texts and all of the things. We are blown away by the abundance of your goodness and will never forget how you have wrapped us up in love at the exact time when we needed it so profoundly. And clearly Wilson feels it too and has drawn such strength from your care and concern!



2 thoughts on “It Takes a Village

  1. So happy that “Wonder Wilson” is doing so great.
    God is great and it certainly shows at a time of crisis in our lives.
    Prayers continue for all of you.

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