Leap Day

After being a relatively calm germ zone for the first seven weeks of 2020, our house got hit HARD in the final week of February. In fact, I haven’t been this ready to be done with a particular month in years (the last was back a few years when we had a really nasty April, I believe), so I’ll be honest – I’m not thrilled that this February happens to come with an extra day.

It started with poor Mr. Lincoln who woke up in the middle of the night last Thursday-into-Friday and from there we entered the most bizarre virus holding pattern I have ever witnessed. It looked like this: someone gets sick middle of the night and is terribly ill for somewhere under 12 hours. Then comes a night of calm followed by a good day (we played baseball as a family the day after LT was sick), but then that night another person would fall sick, in the middle of the night of course. And Repeat, repeat, repeat.

It was NUTS.

And even though we had high hopes that someone, anyone, of us might escape the madness (I can’t even tell you how many times I washed my hands, how many Clorox wipes we used, and how much laundry I did), it just wasn’t meant to be.

All five kids, both parents. Down and out over the course of eight days.

See why I’m ready to see this month GO? But that wasn’t meant to be because of course this happens to be a Leap Year.

Actually, though? That might be a good thing. Since our last woman standing (RL) was in agony yesterday, that meant we had today to have our first All Clear day in over a week knowing that that’s it. All she wrote. No shoes left to fall with this virus.

img_6928Even though it feels like my brain/heart would have liked to mark this Leap Day with something(s) special, I’m plenty good with what we had instead; in fact, no pukers and sun shining was plenty special, thanks. Instead of worrying about any fanfare, we treated today like any other Saturday – watching Lego Masters, going on a family walk to feed the ducks, and about 10 loads of laundry for me to process (Lord in Heaven; so much laundry, even when we don’t have gross sickies in the house). After the last eight days, typical, low-key, even a little hum-drum was a welcomed, happy change of pace.

And now? Cheers to my month: March!


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