Another Medical Mystery

Turns out, I’m not the only Welschie woman in our house to be dealing with medical mysteries as of late. Poor Wonder Wilson, the true superhero among us, has been battling some really strange and unexplained stomach issues for the last month(ish) which, if you’ve been with us for in the last four+ years, you may realize is a little scary given her health history and the need for stomach surgery that she had on Day 2 of being earth-side.

The gist of symptoms is this: early morning (like 3A.M., pretty damn consistently) urps that last until the mid-morning at most and then maybe go away for a day or two or even a week or more.

At first we chalked this all up to the switcheroo of bedrooms we pulled after the Pee Problems. Her bed got placed in a part of a room in our upper story that is old-house-wonky with an uneven floor. We know this about the floor but in our tired, stressed out stupor, we forgot to make sure the bed was level and the poor kid slept with her head lower than her tummy for a week+ before we realized it, and yeah – made sense that her system was mad and revolting on her/us.

We fixed the bed and thought we had fixed the problem until a couple(ish – who knows; time is weird) weeks passed and she got sick the morning after her birthday in a very similar fashion. And then again a week(ish) after that. Never lasting, never contagious (although two of our seven, myself included, did get hit with the stomach flu last week and holy moly cow, it was awful). Never explained.

Someone suggested to us that it might be acid reflux which can apparently be caused by chugging too much water too close to bed which is definitely something Wilson tends to do. So we made sure she was drinking from a real cup with dinner, not a straw cup, and again, thought we had solved the problem.

Then this morning happened. The 3A.M. Urps hit again but this time with more intensity and frequency and it got so bad (and we were still too many hours away from a pharmacy being open to get some anti-nausea meds), that we made the call to take her to the ER to get some Zofran and fluids, if need be. Turned out that the IV was not necessary (thank goodness) but they did a bunch of tests, in part because of her gut history and found, like us, no answers.

In a way, this is good because nothing scary showed up in any of those tests; that is reassuring. But as I know very well, not having answers is equally HARD. She is home now with her new little doll from the hospital and, true to form, is doing much better.

And so, we will continue trying to get to the bottom of this by seeing our regular family doc this week, in hopes of getting her some relief and all of us some much needed rest. We have a few theories to test and perhaps he will, too. As always, prayers for answers and relief are much appreciated.

For now, we’re going to curl up in jammy jams and watch the heck out of some Kids Netflix because some days (too many days here lately, but we’re working on that) start at 3A.M. and call for not much else.


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