25 Things in 2022

Normally I give myself a few weeks or at least a few days to work on this list, but here I am, on Dec. 30 just starting it. Yikes. Here’s hoping I can figure out my 25 Things in quick succession!

  1. Came out publicly as bisexual. Doing that was an important step in showing my authentic self to the world, which is a primary motivator for me in this life.
  2. Tried a food sensitivity test and, as a result, gave up not just gluten, but eggs, peanut butter, and dairy, too. Had to learn a whole new approach to food but it has made a huge and welcome improvement in my health, so I’ll keep it.
  3. Started anti anxiety meds for the first time and after an adverse reaction to one, found the one that makes a big helpful difference to my overall world.
  4. Gave up black tea this Spring and did just coffee alternative except for special occasion emotional support coffees. Later in the year, lots more weeks required lots more emotional support. Starbucks instant coffee packets are a winner on those days.
  5. Finished up my Writing Center gig with BU, taught another handful of classes for them throughout the year, and taught one section of online Composition for CCC this fall. Dual institution work is a lot at times.
  6. Had my first mammogram. And then my second and then a biopsy which turned out to be OK, but required another mammogram six months later in September; now good for a whole year! Thank goodness.
  7. Read 67 books. My first and last of the year were total stinkers but there in the middle I read some really beautiful books.
  8. Wrote 47 blog posts, including this one. This was enhanced greatly by a year-long challenge I started after my birthday to write a post each week. Sometimes I write none in a week and sometimes I write three, but overall it is going fine.
  9. Became the Secretary on my first Board of Directors, the Hastings Community Music Academy – love the mission and programming associated with this new nonprofit in town!
  10. Turned 40. I don’t usually count my birthday on this list but 40 seems like a big freaking deal, so it seems worth mentioning here.
  11. Finished my first-ever Longfellow Elementary Year Book. Makes up for never participating in PTO while HD was there for six years, I think – yes? Yes.
  12. Took Harrison to see his first (off) Broadway show, Hamilton, in DesMoines, IA. My second time seeing it and once again, it did not disappoint!
  13. Completed a 5-week course in Ecstatic Breathwork (online, of course) with Scott Schwenk via Commune.
  14. Went to my first Pride with my family, all seven of us decked out in rainbows.
  15. Participated in a Sign Language Choir (see above about HCMA) – learned three songs in one week of morning sessions and performed them at the church on our final morning. Ben and the Big 3 all did the class as well.
  16. Saw Brandi Carlile perform at Red Rocks. Holy. Sh!t. Fantastic concert.
  17. Designed and executed the turning of our front coat closet into a Cloffice – my very own tiny but loved space in the house.
  18. Made time to nurture friendships, old and new. Coffee dates, scheduled phone calls, interstate meet-ups, evening gatherings, playdates with the kids, and a handful of other ways to stay connected with my people – grateful for each and every one of these humans and our efforts to be in each other’s lives.
  19. Got my ears re-pierced. Went along with RL as she got her first holes and had my old ones reopened. Wearing earrings again feels so novel and fun.
  20. Started a daily yoga practice in late October. Haven’t missed a day since.
  21. Navigated multiple stints of solo parenting while Ben was off on various trips around the country for his temporary job with NEA/NSEA. I realize some people do that literally all the time or even on a regular basis but it has been new for us and challenging for me at times.
  22. Helped direct a Christmas musical at our church. You can call me the Assistant to the Regional Director, if you like.
  23. Watched 8.5 seasons of The Office with HD (we got so close to finishing entirely but that will have to be a 2023 accomplishment), hence the reference in the previous Thing.
  24. Sprained my ankle just before Christmas; means I now do my daily yoga on my bed each night and with very little difficulty of or movement invovled in the postures.
  25. Took the children on a week-long trip to Texas for the holidays. First time we have been to Houston since 2016. Lots of walking and tourist attractions. This was both wonderful and tricky (see above about ankle and the timing of all that). Also, sooooo imany hours in the car. Holy moly cow. But also, saw my first professional ballet with the Houston Ballet, performing The Nutcracker!
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