Back to the Brace

Ankle Update Time – it’s been eight weeks since my procedure and while there has been a lot of progress, this journey is not yet done.

Yesterday I had PT which I have been doing twice a week since the week after I got my Rhino Horn off (so, the last five weeks). After recovering from the literal misstep I took after getting out of the walking boot, I’ve been back on the every few days, a new sign of progress arising. First it was getting back out of the boot, then off the crutch, and then having far less pain and lurchiness each time I started walking (once I got going I was typically fine, but something about that initial motion was often rough). I left yesterday’s PT session with a note to take to my doctor for my 2-month check, also scheduled for yesterday, and had to laugh because it told him that I’m very “compliant” with my at-home program which is funny-true because 1) I do all my exercises twice a day, just like they told me, and 2) goodness if that isn’t the most Enneagram One description ever, I don’t know what is!

While the doctor’s office was quite pleased with my swelling and scar status, they agreed that my range of motion just isn’t there yet which means I’ll have a couple more weeks of PT to complete. One of my biggest hold-ups is stairs. I think this is because of the oops I had last month but also because This Old Home has very narrow steps, so in order to go down them, I have to be on the ball of my foot and that takes a looseness and range of motion that my left foot just doesn’t have back yet. I’m confident it will come, but I’m going to have to work for it.

What surprised me yesterday is that they want me back in my soft brace that I picked up in Houston when all this first escalated, at least when I’m out and about/doing a lot of walking. Around the house I don’t have to be in it 24/7, but for the next six weeks until my next appointment, I’m supposed to be using it. I didn’t realize that would be part of the process and while it feels like a bit of a set-back, it also makes sense that it’s really just for my own protection. Without the boot/crutch to stabilize or slow me down, the brace is my best line of defense at giving me the time I need to really let the healing continue while still getting around and doing as much life as I can.

Clearly it did not compute in my brain correctly, back in January, just how long and arduous this recovery would be. Every time I think I’ve gotten SO much closer to my “normal,” another stage comes along that says, sllllllloooooooow down, reminding me of how much I didn’t know what I was getting into here and how far I have yet to go. I mean, it’s not like I had a choice anyway, but wow, a walk in the park this is not. However, a walk in the park sounds like a lovely goal and it will come, just not quite as fast as I had hoped.

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