1, 2, 3 – Ups and Downs with Meeee!

In addition to all the End of Year shenanigans and shindigs that we’ve experienced in the last week, it’s also been a helluva week on the Foot Front, too.

On Wednesday, I graduated from PT. We thought this might happen a couple weeks ago but then three really rough days of too-much activity over a weekend set me back to where I not only could I not say “See ya!” I actually had to up my game and go back to twice-weekly appointments and laser treatments for pain management. But this week was finally the week to go over everything one last time, shake hands, and say, “Peace out!” which I happily did and documented because it felt so good to be back to feeling like myself.

On Thursday, I had my final follow-up with my surgeon and, similar to when I first went in to see him, it did not take long for him to assess the situation. Thankfully, this time it was “Oh, yeah – this feels great!” and I got the green light to return to normal activity and the option to ditch the brace for good. Of course, normal didn’t mean go for a two mile power walk – just start slow and small with the walks and the yoga and build up those activities over time.

On Saturday, I broke* my toe at a baseball game. Was I playing baseball? Of course not! That’s not a normal activity for me! But you know my boys are playing games, games, and more games all the time these days, and right as LT’s second game of a double hitter (as TJ calls it; sooooo cute) got going, I freaking took myself out while trying to navigate our mess of chairs, wagons, kids, and crap to get aforementioned cutie some water and bruised the heck out of my middle and second toe on, you guessed it, my left foot.

So much for those wishes I had to hop on the elliptical and my yoga mat anytime soon.

Thankfully I had some ice to put on it during the rest of that game and that game went quickly, so before too terribly long, I was home for some ibuprofen and an epsom bath. All of that helped but I can totally feel it when I walk/push off those toes and it’s already started to bruise so the next few days/coming week is probably going to suckity suck as far as all that feels.

No one ever said a road to healing was a straight or short path, but crap on a stick, this is frustrating. Also, no one warns parents enough that raising children is a job that should require steel-toed boots at all times, because good gravy, your toes are vulnerable as all get out (especially when you’re a dang hippie who loves to walk around barefoot/ground yourself via the grass).

*who knows. Toes are weird.


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