Road Block

As my children do every Monday/Thursday morning, Raegan started today with a trip to the dining room windows to see if the garbage men were coming down our street yet. [Side note: my kids are not the only ones who do this, right? As in, obsessively watch for, then wave to, and follow from one window in our house to the next to see the garbage men progress down our block? The guys are awesome, by the way, and are always good to wave back, roll our toters way back up our driveway, and even honk sometimes, so really this is a win/win right, even if it is a bit strange?]

I was already at the table eating so I could head out early to campus, and because the curtains were still down, I was totally confused when RL started asking me, “Mama, how you get over that big hill? Mama, how you get past that road block??” The Littles have overactive imaginations, so I totally let these odd inquires slide until she totally didn’t IMG_9941drop it, and I pulled the curtain back to see this:

That right there is a huge limb from a tree that I guess you would say is our neighbor’s, but who really knows because it exists beyond the sidewalk (does that mean the city is responsible for it?) and is just shy of our property line but totally hangs over our driveway (obviously). I suppose the just shy bit means it is not in fact ours, but you know, it certainly became our concern as of 7:00 this morning!

Now we are blessed with some amazing neighbors, who in no way were just going to look at this and say, “Meh. Your problem.” True to form, they helped move it off our drive right away and will help cart it off altogether later today, so really not complaining, just recounting the morning’s excitement here, because wow, were the kids intrigued!

HD’s shoes went on super fast and out he went with Daddy to investigate and both RL & LT turned into little Project Managers who “supervised” the cutting of branches so it could be drug off the drive in pieces because yeah – there was no way Mama was getting over that big hill or past that road block without an assist!

I’ve got to say, however, this tree-dropping-limb experience is much preferred to the last time we went through something similar at our old place (after a thunderstorm and when Ben was, naturally, out of town), which resulted in this:

IMG_2904 Tree on the driveway over tree on the house any day, thanks!

And now that my class is done for the first week (wow, that was fast), and the tree drama is resolved, I get to hang up my teacher clothes for my yoga (teacher) clothes, as I am a busy busy yogini this weekend. If you’d like to see me and the bump, you can find us tonight, tomorrow night, Sat. and Sun. mornings, and Sun. afternoon at the studio! Yin, Happy Hour, Power, Flow, and Prenatal – I’m doing it all (and napping the rest of the weekend), so feel free to head on down, try a class, and get a hug even, if you want. Be warned: my belly may kick you and you can bet we’ll totally be doing Tree Pose all weekend long!!