Self-Preservation Strategy

To be honest, I’m not sure which statement to insert here. Wowzers? Holy Moly Cow? FFS? Perhaps just take your pick, OK? Whatever you choose, the sentiment is the same – it’s been a big week in our world during the last seven days and I, for one, am worn out. Physically, yes, but emotionally and mentally, too. And not all of that is to blame on our current political climate (although some – most? – of it most definitely is). Some of the ups and downs of the last week are just normal run of the mill Whoas. Maybe you feel the same?

To keep this from turning into a laundry list post, I’ll stick with what happens from here. Meaning, I’m doing my darndest to figure out how to Do All The Things that really need doing right now and letting the others go. It feels like more information than ever is flying my face right now and I want to stay involved and engaged. I really do. But for crying out loud, my heart and my brain can’t keep up with the slog of social media right now and I’ve got to give myself some space so I can navigate my current teaching commitments, hammer out my future business plans, and secure my own sanity.

As promised, I will ostrich no more. I’m committed to that – so much so that me, the person who HATES (and does not use that word) making phone calls, has started weekly phone calls to my senators’ offices to voice my concerns. But I can’t read every article or status or argument out there right now because it’s too, too much. That means I need to disengage for a bit, but not completely and not for long.

My current work view. 

I’m thinking two weeks. Maybe one. During that time period, I need to quit the obsessive scrolling and reading online. That means no more Facebook. Well, not no more at ALL, but no more scrolling. I’ll still check messages and notifications (so write me or tag me if you want me to see something, m’kay?), and I’ll still be post pics, I’m sure, but the scroll bar stops there. It must. I’ve got some important goals to meet for Grounded Sky in the next two weeks (eek! Cannot WAIT to share more on that with you soon!), too, so it feels like a perfect storm for stepping back a bit.

Do I anticipate that being easy? Nope. But it’s a baby step I’m taking temporarily starting tomorrow because I need some way to give myself some time and space to process.

The work (in many ways, on many levels) continues. I hope yours does, too!


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